Coming Home

16 Nov

“So are you tough enough for my love?
Just close your eyes to the heaven above
I’m coming home.. “


That was one of the songs I learnt to play on the guitar. I was a teenager, I thought that learning how to play would be cool. Mostly I learned a few basic and minor chords and I can strum and sing-a-long a few simple song. As long as the song doesn’t require me to do arpeggios or chords that need more than my five fingers, I’m good.

Home Fries

I’m getting cravings. And stop thinking I’m pregnant! Because that’s what most people immediately think when someone has a craving. Well if that’s the case, I’m ALWAYS pregnant. Now that’s scary. Lol!!

Home Fries are what I craved. Not just crave eating, but crave cooking as well. Sometimes cooking relaxes me. It takes my mind of stuff that bugs me for just a moment, before i get down and deal with it.

I used Russet Potatoes, cut them up and cooked in vegetable oil with a bit of butter. Seasoned with salt, pepper and cayenne pepper, and sprinkled with dried oregano. I wished I had fresh parsley, but I didn’t so I used dried instead.

A yum dinner!

-hazrock, guitar slinger

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