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The Barista Wannabe : Soy Latte


I’ve always loved sweetened soy milk, either hot or cold. I must have drank gallons of it during my 2nd pregnancy. Blame it on cravings. Hah! As a result, my daughter, now 6, has a fair and really smooth complexion. So the old wives’ tale is true. Drinking soy milk can result in a lovely baby. Coincidence? Probably…

Anyway I’ve never thought of drinking coffee with soy milk. After trying it, my verdict is : Nahh… I rather have cow juice with my coffee.

-hazrock, mooooo!


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The Honeydrippers

“Do you remember when we met? That’s the day I knew you were my friend.”
-The Honeydrippers (Song : Sea Of Love)

Picture grabbed from Google Search

Ahh! Robert Plant sang on this one. It’s hard to believe this is the same legend who belted out The Immigrant Song with band Led Zeppelin in music festivals filled with hippies in the 70s. He almost sounded like a balladeer, or crooner. Lovely…

Honey Cornflakes

Eid Mubarak to all Muslim friends, followers and readers. A really blessed and joyous festival we Muslims celebrate after a whole month of fasting in Ramadan.

I made a couple of batches of the Honey Cornflakes above. The same ones I did last year (Earlier post : The Bees Knees). A batch for my family and another one for my parents. Maybe I’ll make another batch to bring to work. The people there always gobble up whatever I bake for them.

I enlisted the help of my 2 daughters (Qistina, 6, and Marissa, 4) when I made the 2nd batch. Such reliable little ones. When did they grow up? I thought I was just cradling the babies in my arms just a while back. And now, they are little kitchen helpers. So blessed indeed.

-hazrock, slow down girls. Don’t grow up too fast!

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“The only thing I’ll ever ask of you
You gotta promise not to stop when I say when”

-Foo Fighters (Song : Everlong)


This is a song that me and my 11-year-old son, Razin, love! He listened to me in wonder (or it just might have been dazed?) when I related a little rock history to him. Glorious tales of how Foo Fighters evolved from Nirvana. The fame, the grunge, the angst. And finally the Cobain suicide. Life goes on…

Wonton Noodle Soup

I wanted to try and make homemade wontons. It didn’t look too difficult. So I was mentally preparing the list of ingredients in my head while I was at work. I figured I’d make the wontons the night before so that it would be faster and easier for me to prepare dinner the next day.

But Razin had other plans. As soon as he heard I was planning to make this the next day, he asked if I could make it that night. And me, being the wonderful mother I am (I’d like to think so. Haha!), simply couldn’t refuse his little request.

So it was a little rush to get the ingredients after work, picked up the little ones from daycare and back home to make the wontons.

The filling for them was simply minced chicken, ginger, spring onions, Chinese celery, soy sauce and sesame oil. They cooked quite fast in boiling water, less than 10 minutes. I made a clear broth with chicken stock cubes that I jazzed up with fresh onions, garlic and ginger.

The long and endless noodles were left that way, without cutting them. The Chinese believe noodles are a sign of longevity. I don’t believe it, I just love slurping the long springy strands off my bowl.

Huge success, kids loved it, everybody’s happy. Yes, I was a little tired and dinner was a little late. But who cares about all that, when I see their happy faces slurping away and asking for seconds.

-hazrock, monkey wrench


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Stew-pid Girl

“You pretend you’re high
You pretend you’re bored
You pretend you’re anything
Just to be adored”

-Garbage (Song : Stupid Girl)

Only two words to describe Garbage : Shirley Manson.

Love a girl who rocks!

Beef Stew On Rice

This is a dish perfect for a stay-home lazy Sunday. I woke up early, raring to go to the kitchen to cook this because it takes quite a while to slowly cook it over the stove and I want to have it ready for lunch.

The base of a good stew, a beautiful Mirepoix

The cut of beef I used was a chuck tender, perfect for stewing. I never know how to cut beef. With the grain or against the grain? I don’t even know where the grain is! Oh well. In my kitchen, anything goes!

Just like any stew recipes, the beef was browned first to get it a little caramelized, which equals to tons of flavour. But unlike any stew recipes, I used beef stock in cubes instead of red wine to simmer the beef in.

And because I was in a lazy mood, I threw in potatoes into the stew instead of making mashed potatoes to eat alongside the stew. Then I served the stew with rice which was just cooked in the rice cooker.

A stay-home lazy Sunday? Nope! The kids had other plans. We were out the door as soon as the stew was cooked and came back a few hours later to a warm and homey meal.

-hazrock, only happy when it rains


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Strong Like Popeye

Spinach Soup served with Fried Fish and Rice

One of the few vegetables my son, Razin, would eat is spinach. I like to make this for our meals so that at least, he is getting some greens into his system. And a simple soup like this took no time at all. I used anchovy stock cubes for the soup and added some garlic and ginger for extra flavor. Carrots, tofu skins, crabsticks and cellophane noodles are thrown in. When they are almost cooked, the spinach just need to wilt in the soup. And we are ready to eat! Served with steaming hot rice and a piece of fried fish marinated in turmeric and salt. Food for champions for my little champion!

Sometimes I changed the ingredients but i kept the soup pretty much the same. Another variation I made used shrimps, silken tofu and sweet potatoes. Still went down well.

Popeye would be proud!

-hazrock, skinny like Olive Oyl (I wish!)


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By The Dozen.. Or Half

Donuts from J.Co

Donuts (or Doughnuts?) in a box look so pretty. I always love going to a donut shop and when I buy a box, my eyes will gleam in delight. Which will I choose? Strawberry Jelly or double chocolate? Ooh the cheese one looks nice. How about an exotic flavor like green tea? Or one with nuts or almonds? Choices, choices!

Donuts from Donut Factory
The smiley face one was really cute. I thought my daughters would fight over it. But the younger one, Marissa, screamed in fear upon seeing it. But that’s just her, she’s scared of everything weird. Even a rubber chicken.

Recently, Chewy Junior opened, selling cream puffs. But not just any cream puff. They want to be like donuts too! They have toppings, just like donuts. Sooo good!! And soooooooo pretty!

Cream Puffs from Chewy Junior

-hazrock, rolling in the dough (real dough, as in flour and water. not money)


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Dinner Almost Done

Black Pepper Roast Chicken from Fair Price Xtra

Although I love cooking, I make no apologies for buying whole roast chickens at the supermarket. Why should I? I mean, it tastes fairly good, relatively low price and so convenient. And dinner is practically served.

I have never roasted a whole chicken before. I think I’m not ready for it and I don’t know if it will cook well. But I have roasted chicken thighs, wings and breasts. They are smaller pieces so I’m a bit more confident to roast them.

We ate this chicken with chicken rice (rice cooked in broth) and a simple stir-fry mixed vegetable dish. A full spread but only half the work.

-hazrock, shortcuts save me!

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