17 Nov

Watermelon Juice from Oriental Herbal Tea

I’m in the mood for fruits and fruit juices!! I would make juices at home but I do not have a juicer or blender, as we speak. The only gripe I have about getting juices from juice bars is that they are incredibly expensive. What you thought is a cup of fruit juice is only about half cup. The other half, or sometimes more than half, is filled with ice cubes.
And these places often charge extra if you request for “no ice”. It means they have to add more juice to fill the cup, which equals to more money. So pay up!

This Green Apple and Grapes Juice from SF is so refreshing. SF, a juice bar, has a list of juice blends of various fruits and they had also written what each blend is for (energy booster, antioxidant, etc). For my choice, it is good for “cleansing the liver and gall bladder”. Well, my internal organs did feel cleansed after slurping the whole thing down. Or was that just a psychological thing? Oh well.. It was delicious.

The fresh fruits at SF looked so vibrant. Love the colours!

-hazrock, there are beetles in my juice?

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