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The Pseudo Artisan Baker : Irish Soda Bread


I recently began experimenting with bread recipes. All of them from scouring the Internet, none mine. Most of them were a success, thank goodness for that because I hate failing. The most recent one would be this Irish Soda Bread. Dead easy, no kneading, no proofing, and best of all, no waiting. I’ve always loved the rustic look of these kinds of breads. They give me the feeling that I’m in a French countryside, and not this urban metropolitan I’m currently stuck in.

-hazrock, pretend baker


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You Jerk

“So next time someone makes you feel little
Just sing this song inside your head
And like a great big cartoon bubble
These lovely words will dance above their head”

-Kim Stockwood (Song : You Jerk)

Picture grabbed from Google Search

*rantings of a woman scorned. Expletives optional*
Enough said…

Homemade Jamaican Jerk Chicken with Rice and Peas

Where has this chicken dish been all my life? I have never had Jerk Chicken before. I’m not sure if I should be a wise ass and try to make it myself by learning from websites. I feel that if I want to try new food, I should try a really authentic one, and then go into my kitchen and try to replicate that. But really, I don’t know if there are any restaurants where I live that serves Jerk Chicken. Oh well..

The spices used looked so promising! I marinated the chicken in the morning and left it in the fridge all day to soak up all that wonderful flavors. By dinner time, I just threw it in the oven and let it cook for an hour.

The Rice and Peas that accompanied tastes really good too. Rice cooked in coconut milk with ginger, thyme and chicken stock. Wow. So flavorful!

Good day in the kitchen…

-hazrock, scorned

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It’s A Long Way To The Top

“You think it’s easy playing one night stand?
Try and play in a rock n roll band”

-AC/DC (Song : It’s A Long Way To The Top)


Both photos grabbed from Google Search

Aussies rock! Quite frankly, AC/DC is one of the best acts that came out of Australia, in my humble opinion. And what’s better, the song was featured in one of my all-time favorite movie, School Of Rock. Jack Black and those talented kids, all grown up now. The most successful would be Miranda Cosgrove, who had a huge TV show, iCarly, on Nickelodeon. My kids and I love that show!

Homemade Blueberry Vanilla Bean Coffee Cake

I had a vanilla bean to use up, and had been wanting to make this for a long time. I followed the recipe here by Laura Vitale. I always love her recipes!

This cake had a streusel topping, made with sugar, butter, flour and a pinch of cinnamon. It made the top so crackly and crunchy. To die for!

Please take a moment to admire how beautiful the cake looked. Wow!
Served with a cup of coffee (hence the name “coffee cake”, cake eaten with coffee), and I’m good.

-hazrock, hells bells


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The Freshmen

“For the life of me, I cannot remember
What made us think that we were wise and we never compromise”

-The Verve Pipe (Song : The Freshmen)

Picture grabbed (screenshot) from YouTube

This is just one of those songs that I played on REPEAT mode in the late 90s. And I think there were a few recorded versions of this, because it was different when I heard it on the radio, different on the CD, different on the music video. And there is also a recorded acoustic version. All I love and all good.

Homemade Fresh Lemonade

I hardly make fresh-squeeze-the-lemons-myself homemade Lemonade. One time I made it, I turned it into a slushy Granita (previous post : Gotta Keep ‘Em Separated). For this one, I kept it simple, just chilled in the fridge.

And I got a little workout today by squeezing the fresh lemons myself. No fancy juicer or anything. Just using a fork, poke the lemon halves and squeeze. 6 lemons, simple sugar syrup and water. No fancy ingredients either.

-hazrock, lemonade stand in the works

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Stone Cold

“I’m stone… stone cold in love with you”
-Jimmy Barnes (Song : Stone Cold)

Picture grabbed from Google Search

I know absolutely nothing about Australian singer, Jimmy Barnes. But I heard this song and loved it! Sometimes that’s just the case. You fell in love with the song regardless of the singer.

Homemade Soba Noodles

I love eating cold Soba Noodles. But mine was not iced-cold like how they served at Japanese restaurants. Just at room temperature.

And just to be clear, when I said “homemade”, I don’t mean making the soba noodles from scratch : kneading buckwheat, rolling them out into thin sheets and cutting them finely with a cleaver. I cooked this at home, hence homemade! Sorry! I’m just a shortcut cook! Lol. I used a packet of dried noodles and boiled them in water (like pasta). In minutes, I have soba noodles!

And the soup/dipping sauce for the noodles, I used instant powdered dashi. Let’s face it, where am I going to get the Kombu (edible kelp) and Katsuobushi (fermented bonito). I want this fast and easy! Not labour intensive and stressful!

Dinner served in half an hour. Not bad!

-hazrock, just stoned


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“You’re intruding on what’s mine
And you’re taking up my time
Don’t have the courage inside me
To tell you, “Please let me be” “

-No Doubt (Song : Spiderwebs)

Picture grabbed from Google Search

I’ve said it before, I’m saying it again. I LOVE Gwen Stefani! Love her style, her attitude. Even now that she’s married and has kids. When I grow up, I want to be just like her. I wish! Haha..

Lapis Sarawak at aunt’s place when we went there visiting during Eid.

No one can deny the stunning beauty that is the Lapis Sarawak. A Swiss roll cake, taken to the highest level of awesomeness. When you cut the cross section of a Lapis Sarawak, you’ll be rewarded with an intricate pattern “woven” by skilled hands. The art that goes into this is simply out of this world. Patience is key, and creativity helps!

Picture grabbed from Google Search

I just love looking at them! So so beautiful. I don’t know if I will ever have the patience (or attention span) to do this. Maybe if I use sorcery and witchcraft…

-hazrock, enrolling myself into Hogwarts

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The Honeydrippers

“Do you remember when we met? That’s the day I knew you were my friend.”
-The Honeydrippers (Song : Sea Of Love)

Picture grabbed from Google Search

Ahh! Robert Plant sang on this one. It’s hard to believe this is the same legend who belted out The Immigrant Song with band Led Zeppelin in music festivals filled with hippies in the 70s. He almost sounded like a balladeer, or crooner. Lovely…

Honey Cornflakes

Eid Mubarak to all Muslim friends, followers and readers. A really blessed and joyous festival we Muslims celebrate after a whole month of fasting in Ramadan.

I made a couple of batches of the Honey Cornflakes above. The same ones I did last year (Earlier post : The Bees Knees). A batch for my family and another one for my parents. Maybe I’ll make another batch to bring to work. The people there always gobble up whatever I bake for them.

I enlisted the help of my 2 daughters (Qistina, 6, and Marissa, 4) when I made the 2nd batch. Such reliable little ones. When did they grow up? I thought I was just cradling the babies in my arms just a while back. And now, they are little kitchen helpers. So blessed indeed.

-hazrock, slow down girls. Don’t grow up too fast!

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