Machine Head

17 Dec

I have never really listened to Machine Head. But I was watching some of their Rock Am Ring performances a few days ago. Nothing like a good headbanging distraction, albeit just a little. A little is fine, just as long as it doesn’t take over life.

Fish Head Curry in Claypot from Thohirah Restaurant.

That looks spectacular doesn’t it? I think any dish served with real flames underneath counts as that. But this, to me, is a bad photo. Why? Because you can’t see the fish head! I mean, how do you know I wasn’t lying? It could very well be just a pot of curry and I claimed it was a Fish Head Curry. Blame the photographer!

THIS should the photo!

Photo grabbed from Google Search.
Wow! And THAT would really be spectacular!

Well, good photo or bad, who cares? I’m not a professional. I just point and shoot.

This Fish Head Curry is a huge dish. Accompanied with plain white rice, it could feed 2 people generously. This could very well be one of Singapore’s favorite dish. Don’t ask me to cook it. I don’t know how to handle a raw fish head. I feel like it is staring back at me.

One of the things that people like to do when eating this is to eat the eyeballs. I have never had it and too chickened out to try. My 11-year-old son, Razin, tried it for the first time. I jokingly told him, if you eat the eyeball you can see better. After eating, he said, “wow! I can see clearer!” Haha! Silly boy!

-hazrock, heads I win, tails you lose

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