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The Freshmen

“For the life of me, I cannot remember
What made us think that we were wise and we never compromise”

-The Verve Pipe (Song : The Freshmen)

Picture grabbed (screenshot) from YouTube

This is just one of those songs that I played on REPEAT mode in the late 90s. And I think there were a few recorded versions of this, because it was different when I heard it on the radio, different on the CD, different on the music video. And there is also a recorded acoustic version. All I love and all good.

Homemade Fresh Lemonade

I hardly make fresh-squeeze-the-lemons-myself homemade Lemonade. One time I made it, I turned it into a slushy Granita (previous post : Gotta Keep ‘Em Separated). For this one, I kept it simple, just chilled in the fridge.

And I got a little workout today by squeezing the fresh lemons myself. No fancy juicer or anything. Just using a fork, poke the lemon halves and squeeze. 6 lemons, simple sugar syrup and water. No fancy ingredients either.

-hazrock, lemonade stand in the works

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Green Day

“For what it’s worth, it was worth all the while.”
-Green Day (Song : Good Riddance (Time of your life))

Photo grabbed from virginmedia

I always feel a little sad listening to that song by Green Day. It was used as the series finale song in one of my favorite comedy sitcoms of all time, Seinfeld.

Picture grabbed from fanpop.

I can’t help feeling that there will never be another brilliant show about “nothing”.

Green Tea

It’s time for a little peace and quiet. Although I love the city life which can get a little overwhelming, I sometimes do seek serenity in the chaos.

Green Tea is one of my favorite beverages. Most of the time I just used tea bags, just to make my life easier, instead of brewing the tea leaves. A lot or benefits in green tea, antioxidants and stuff. And whenever I had a heavy, greasy meal, I make myself feel better (and cleaner) by drinking some green tea. And no need to sweeten with sugar or honey. It is perfect just the way it is.

I love ice-cold green tea as well. My favorite would definitely be from Pokka. It is sweetened but not overly and there is no strong green tea smell that I found in some other brands. So cooling on a hot day. Yum!

-hazrock, basket case


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Twisted Over You

“I’m twisted, through and through.
Bend me till you break me.
Cuz your love it makes me twisted over you.”

-Kane Roberts (Song : Twisted)

Photo grabbed from Google Search

Kane Roberts! I had no idea who he was. I think I read a review of his album in a magazine and it mentioned that he used to play guitars for Alice Cooper. Well, if he’s good enough for Alice, I’m sure he’s really good. Love the album!

“Teh O Ais Limau” (Iced Lime Tea) from Thohirah Restaurant

Such a refreshing beverage on a hot day. Or to cool down after a spicy meal. This Iced Lime Tea had became quite popular recently. A twist, if you will, on the more well known Iced Lemon Tea.

A lot of times this is how it is served. Tall or big glass with ice, black tea and 2 or 3 small limes squeezed into it, with the lime rinds, seeds and all thrown in as well. Very lime-y! I’m not surprised if in future they throw in lime leaves to get maximum lime flavour.

-hazrock, doing the twist?

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Talk Shows On Mute

“Lights, Camera, Transaction”
-Incubus (Song : Talk Shows On Mute)

When they first came out, I was so intrigued by bands like Incubus, which has a DJ as one of the band members to give them a totally new and different sound. I’m not saying I don’t like it, it just took some time for me to accept it.
And there is probably only one thing that kept me listening to Incubus. Brandon Boyd. I know it sounds weird, but I still occasionally have celebrity crushes.
Oh well…

Kiwi Rush from SweetTalk

An ice blended drink on a cloudy day? Why not? I had brought the kids to a water playground. It was quite hot and then it turned cloudy and started drizzling. While the girls ran around through the fountains and sprinklers, I worked out quite a thirst to cheer them on and shout cautionary warnings for them to be careful.

My 11-year-old didn’t join in the fun and chose to sit on the side with me playing games on the iPhone. He thinks the playground is too babyish and he’s too cool for that. My baby boy, you are growing up too fast. *sobs*

Sweet Talk at nex Mall.
A wide array of bubble teas and other drinks. The Kiwi Rush that I chose was an Italian soda. Ice blended and with some sprite in it. Yum!

Happy kids!

-hazrock, wish you were here


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System Of A Down

“I cry when angels deserve to die”
-System Of A Down (Song : Chop Suey)

Ahh! Such a feel good song to headbang to. Even when I’m at work and have my ears plugged to music, I would bang (or nod) my head ever so slightly to the beat of whatever I’m listening. Unless of course I’m listening to religious lectures or stand-up comedy. Because headbanging to that would be weird. Heh!

Vitagen, the cultured milk drink

Vitagen has been around for ages, since I was a little kid. And I’m old! Haha!

I love these little bottles of yumminess. Plus, they are good for our digestion. I’m not sure what the science is behind it. But I think Vitagen has live cultures that kill bad bacteria in our system.

Whenever I had a huge meal, especially a buffet where I would stuff my face with good food, I would take a bottle of this and feel better knowing it aids my disgestion.

It comes in 4 flavors. Grape, Green Apple, Peach and Original.

My favorite is Grape. Stick a straw in it and sip away!

My digestive system is feeling better already!

-hazrock, toxicity


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Watermelon Juice from Oriental Herbal Tea

I’m in the mood for fruits and fruit juices!! I would make juices at home but I do not have a juicer or blender, as we speak. The only gripe I have about getting juices from juice bars is that they are incredibly expensive. What you thought is a cup of fruit juice is only about half cup. The other half, or sometimes more than half, is filled with ice cubes.
And these places often charge extra if you request for “no ice”. It means they have to add more juice to fill the cup, which equals to more money. So pay up!

This Green Apple and Grapes Juice from SF is so refreshing. SF, a juice bar, has a list of juice blends of various fruits and they had also written what each blend is for (energy booster, antioxidant, etc). For my choice, it is good for “cleansing the liver and gall bladder”. Well, my internal organs did feel cleansed after slurping the whole thing down. Or was that just a psychological thing? Oh well.. It was delicious.

The fresh fruits at SF looked so vibrant. Love the colours!

-hazrock, there are beetles in my juice?

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Slow Like Honey

“You say love is a hell you cannot bear
I’d say give me mine back and then go there, for all I care”

– Fiona Apple

Talented, opinionated and a little bit eccentric. Fiona Apple, another genius singer/songwriter. Do women need to be bitter and broken to write out of this world songs? Whatever the case may be, I think she’s brilliant! And brilliant lyrics too.

Honey & Lemon Tea

I sometimes use Honey and Lemon as a remedy for cold and sore throat. Either, just the lemon juice and honey or put them in piping hot tea as the picture above. It soothes the throat unlike any lozenges available at pharmacies. Tastes great as well.

Please, no need to send me flower baskets or “get well soon” cards. I’m fine and my throat is still good to go for yelling at the kids and shower singing.

-hazrock, sullen girl


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