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Sick Of You

“You think she’s an open book but you don’t know which page to turn to”
Ahhhh.. Love Cake! A little different than most bands and songs with clever lyrics. They once remade a old Gloria Gaynor song, I Will Survive, and added an expletive to firmly assert how he should have changed the lock on his door.

Chicken Noodle Soup

When a family member in my household is ill, not only he/she/yourstruly gets Chicken Noodle Soup, everybody else can have it too. How can I go wrong with a good Chicken Noodle Soup? It is after all food for the soul, and apparently for the convalescent too.

I made this soup after work, which means I don’t have 2 hours to let the chicken and vegetables cook in simmering water over low flame. I used chicken stock cubes and a little bit of stock concentrate to boost the flavour. And again, roast chicken bought from the supermarket saves the day. And I took some time to chop up onions, carrots and celery. A little bit of fresh flavour in the soup would be fantastic.

And I used spaghetti for the noodles, which I had broken up into about 5cm pieces. Ok everyone! Time to bring the bowl up to your face… And slurp!

-hazrock, can’t afford rock and roll lifestyle


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The Shadows Mix Gray

Sometimes I think I write too much. And a lot of it are gibberish. But I can trust Daria, my guest blogger, to write something readable.

The Shadows Mix Gray



Stabbing the sky

with certainty…

Always retaining the ancient

memory that the best

spears have no


The shadows twitch

in glorious anticipation

at the endless dance to come…

Hate and indifference

clash together

in a sinuous battle

where love has no place…

The crowd roars

in mindless delirium…

having long since lost track

of who is fighting who…

Or who the victor

should be…

and with a final gasp…

Black and white

have merged

to gray..

draping a blanket

of pure despair

over all who sat

and watched,

yet did


daria, feather boa around her neck. Fabulous! Not a good day for ostriches though.

-hazrock, master of shadow puppets on the wall


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A Tea Stained Life

There are times when I experienced droughts in creativity, or simply laziness , that I can’t even come up with a blog entry. It’s not that I write long essays in here. My posts sometimes take literally minutes to write.

So I decided to let someone else do the work for me and invited a guest blogger. Meet daria. She will come in as and when to write.

daria on a good day.



A Tea Stained Life


The road was swallowed up

in a most delicious way

As tea rained gently down
from the sunstreaked sky…,

With a slurping sound

most pleasant,

it covered the highway

til all was drowned under

its comforting weight…

And, despite their initial shock,

all the people soon relaxed,

Gathered some milk,

to mix with a drink…

that they


most tasty…

Thank you, my dear. You look lovely today in that pink tutu.

-hazrock, needs tea and sympathy


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