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Once Bitten Twice Shy

“I didn’t know you had a rock ‘n’ roll record
Until I saw your picture on another guy’s jacket”

-Great White (Song : Once Bitten Twice Shy)

Ahh! One of those songs I loved in the 80s! And I think, the term “hair bands” was conjured up by someone who had bad hair and was jealous of these guys. I mean, look at their hair. Long and lustrous locks. I wonder what hair products they used. Probably the shampoo used for horses, which I’m told, works wonders for human hair. Now, I have no equestrian skills whatsoever. But I’m still gonna giddy up and get some of that horse shampoo! Whoa!

Mee Hoon Soto from Makan Bagus!

I had previously written about Mee Soto (Earlier post : Soupy Tales). And last weekend I had a craving for some. So I went to Makan Bagus! again on Saturday morning for a quick fix. Ahh! So good! And so yummy! These noodles are made for slurping!

After I ran some errands and picked up the kids from their weekly religious class, we went to visit my parents. Imagine, to my delight, my mom had cooked Mee Soto for our lunch!

My mom’s Mee Soto. Good to the last slurp!

Twice on the same day! Double whammy! Two wrongs don’t make a right, but two rights, UTOPIA!!

-hazrock, angel song

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“Batter” Than Me

“I told myself I won’t miss you
But I remember
What it feels like beside you”

-Hinder (Song : Better Than Me)

Hinder!! Love their songs! Although I think they are a great recording band and only sound great in their records. I mean, have you heard them live? Let’s just say, my ears have not forgiven me.

Fish and Chips

Oh what a classic and comforting dish. It’s the weekend and I suddenly felt like cooking up a storm.

I got a good deal for sutchi fillets from a supermarket near where I live. So I thought I’d make Fish and Chips. Grabbed some lemons, Idaho russet potatoes and a bottle of tartare sauce while I was there as well.

Yes, I used tartare sauce from a jar. I’m not a professional chef. Not everything has to be made from scratch. A lot of times, I took some help from the store to make my life easier. Yeay!

The classic batter for fish and chips is a beer batter. That’s how they do it in England. I substitited the beer with sparkling water. Hey, the chefs on YouTube said we can use that if we don’t want to use beer. So I did!

And traditionally, Fish and Chips is served in a paper cone made from old newspapers. I’m not comfortable eating fish and fries sprinkled with newspaper ink. So I used the brown paper which is often used by mixed-rice sellers here to wrap food to go. I don’t think those brown papers are food-grade either. But they gave me a peace of mind.

-hazrock, lips of an angel

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I Love Rock And Roll

“I love rock and roll
So put another dime in the jukebox, baby”

-Joan Jett And The Blackhearts

Picture grabbed from Google Search.

What a cool song! And such a cool name for a band. If I were to be in a band, I would want the name to be like that. Let’s see. The Blackhearts is already taken…
Hazlin And The Stinky Shoes?
Hazlin And The Kangaroos?
Hazlin And The Rocket Scientists?
Lame!! I don’t know what musicians would want to be in a band name like those. I mean really, who’d want to be part of The Kangaroos?

Dinner Rolls

I have been experimenting with some bread recipes lately. By “experimenting”, I meant looking up recipes and following them. Don’t expect me to come up with my own. I’m not that smart. Duh!

The Dinner Rolls above was my first attempt. A little bigger than what I intended, but they are not that bad.

I used Bread Flour when making these.

I think this flour makes better breads. The last time I made Cinnamon Rolls (Wanted Dead Or Alive), I used all-purpose flour. I should have used bread flour then, because they turned out a little hard, but still edible.

Then I went ahead and made these Honey-Rosemary Rolls. I made them smaller than the first dinner rolls. Simple and so delicious.

How about a Cheese Bun? Rolls topped with Mozzarella and Parmesan.

These Focaccia Rolls were made with a basic pizza dough. Flavorings of garlic, dried rosemary and olive oil are added. A heady scent as they baked.

I made small sandwiches, Sliders, with the Focaccia Rolls for dinner. Very filling and made the kids happy. Yum!

-hazrock, Hazlin And The Kiddies


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Spinning Wheel

“What goes up must come down
Spinning wheel goes round and round”

-Blood Sweat and Tears

Picture grabbed from Graphic Bubbles.

I never heard of this band before, until I heard their song on American Idol. The song was sung by Bo Bice, who is probably my most favorite Idol of all time

Picture grabbed from Idol Chatter.

I don’t think any contestant in Idol will come as close as being real as Bo Bice. Humble, down to earth and sings Southern Rock. All good!

Ice Cream Sandwich from the Ice Cream Man who sells ice cream near where I work.

This brings back so much childhood memories. Ice Cream sandwiched between slices of bread. That, to me, can’t be bad. And of you don’t like bread with ice cream, the friendly Ice Cream Man will give you a choice of thin wafer biscuits or cones. Which also can’t be bad. Hehe!

And speaking of the Ice Cream Man, here he is!

Sorry! His head got chopped off. Bad angle from where I was standing as he prepared my order of Vanilla Chocolate Chip Ice Cream on Bread. There he was, on his motorbike with a refrigerated compartment in the sidecar and a huge umbrella to shield him from the scorching afternoon sun. Kids love him! Adults too! And food on wheels always taste good.

A much better picture of the Ice Cream Man. Grabbed from

And the ice-cream flavors that he offers are just simple ones. But so yummy!

A sample of the ice-cream menu. Picture grabbed from Google Search.

Oh no! I suddenly have a craving for the Sweet Corn, which I haven’t had in a long time! I hope you’ll come by tomorrow, Ice Cream Man! Same spot, 12.30-ish. See you!

-hazrock, the real thing

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“The only thing I’ll ever ask of you
You gotta promise not to stop when I say when”

-Foo Fighters (Song : Everlong)


This is a song that me and my 11-year-old son, Razin, love! He listened to me in wonder (or it just might have been dazed?) when I related a little rock history to him. Glorious tales of how Foo Fighters evolved from Nirvana. The fame, the grunge, the angst. And finally the Cobain suicide. Life goes on…

Wonton Noodle Soup

I wanted to try and make homemade wontons. It didn’t look too difficult. So I was mentally preparing the list of ingredients in my head while I was at work. I figured I’d make the wontons the night before so that it would be faster and easier for me to prepare dinner the next day.

But Razin had other plans. As soon as he heard I was planning to make this the next day, he asked if I could make it that night. And me, being the wonderful mother I am (I’d like to think so. Haha!), simply couldn’t refuse his little request.

So it was a little rush to get the ingredients after work, picked up the little ones from daycare and back home to make the wontons.

The filling for them was simply minced chicken, ginger, spring onions, Chinese celery, soy sauce and sesame oil. They cooked quite fast in boiling water, less than 10 minutes. I made a clear broth with chicken stock cubes that I jazzed up with fresh onions, garlic and ginger.

The long and endless noodles were left that way, without cutting them. The Chinese believe noodles are a sign of longevity. I don’t believe it, I just love slurping the long springy strands off my bowl.

Huge success, kids loved it, everybody’s happy. Yes, I was a little tired and dinner was a little late. But who cares about all that, when I see their happy faces slurping away and asking for seconds.

-hazrock, monkey wrench


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Thunder In The East

“This clown pretends
everything’s all right
While his heart is breakin’ inside”

-Loudness (Song : So Lonely)

Picture grabbed from Google Search.

Loudness, probably the best metal band to come out of Japan. I wasn’t really into them in the 80s. Then I heard a really good live version of So Lonely, which is a reworked version of their earlier song Ares’ Lament. Ichiban! Hait!!

Mochi from Cold Storage supermarket.

I’m in love with these Japanese rice cakes! These are filled with peanut, red bean, and sesame pastes. I’m more partial to the peanut and red bean, and I don’t really like the sesame ones. And these are small and cute, a greedy person could probably eat this in one big bite.

And because I think these are cute, I nicknamed my youngest daughter, Marissa, my little mochi. Because she is just that, cute!

My little mochi

-hazrock, hurricane eyes


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Lady Marmalade

“Voulec vous coucher avec moi ce soir”
-Labelle (Song : Lady Marmalade)

Picture grabbed from Google Search.

Oh man! This song is as old as me, literally! Yes, I occasionally do enjoy a good oldie, because I’m an oldie myself. Those were the days when people record songs with their real voices instead of being digitally enhanced. Which is why we see a lot of artistes these days, who sound great in the record but horrible when they are live on stage.

Picture grabbed from Google Search.

I also enjoy the quite recent version of Lady Marmalade done for the movie Moulin Rouge. And I do solely for only one reason. Christina Aguilera! What a voice! Love that girl!

French Macaroons

FRANCE!! Paris, Eiffel Tower,River Seine, Champs-Élysées, Notre Dame, Louvre and of course French Macaroons!
I have been wanting to make these for quite some time. I’ve heard stories about how difficult it is to make macaroons. Must do it properly, the temperature and humidity of the kitchen must be just right, blah blah blah. Sacrè bleu! Why make it so difficult? Au contraire, these turned out fine in my “anything goes” kitchen.

If you Google images of macaroons, you will see gorgeous displays of them, all perfectly uniform-sized. Mine are not. Of course they are not, they are homemade! Some have cracks, some bigger than others. There is no need for me to make them as beautiful as the professionally made ones because I’m not baking to impress anyone. That’s the beauty of cooking and baking at home. Absolutely no pressure to make them perfect.

And finally, the pièce de résistance, I chose chocolate ganache for the filling. So so good! I will definitely make this again. Manifique! Délicieux!

-hazrock, très prétentieux


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