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The Pot

” Who are you to wave your finger? You must have been out your head.”
-Tool (Song : The Pot)

Tool. One of those bands who I think I should be listening to but somehow I don’t. Well, not much anyway.

A homemade Hotpot dinner for my family.

I love eating when the food is cooked on the table. It’s communal, fun and interactive. Plus, it just means that I just buy the raw ingredients and dump it all on the table. So I can delude myself into thinking I can be lazy. But the truth is, it was quite a big production!
An electric hotpot was plugged in, with clear chicken broth simmering gently in it.


Slices of beef and fish

Fish balls, crab sticks and chicken sausages


Various kinds of Tofu

Corn on the cob, baby corn, enoki and oyster mushrooms

Grey Prawns

Vermicelli, bean thread noodles and egg

Dipping Sauces

Oh wow! A bubbling cauldron. That looks magnificent!

-hazrock, this pot is the legal kind

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I Love Rock And Roll

“I love rock and roll
So put another dime in the jukebox, baby”

-Joan Jett And The Blackhearts

Picture grabbed from Google Search.

What a cool song! And such a cool name for a band. If I were to be in a band, I would want the name to be like that. Let’s see. The Blackhearts is already taken…
Hazlin And The Stinky Shoes?
Hazlin And The Kangaroos?
Hazlin And The Rocket Scientists?
Lame!! I don’t know what musicians would want to be in a band name like those. I mean really, who’d want to be part of The Kangaroos?

Dinner Rolls

I have been experimenting with some bread recipes lately. By “experimenting”, I meant looking up recipes and following them. Don’t expect me to come up with my own. I’m not that smart. Duh!

The Dinner Rolls above was my first attempt. A little bigger than what I intended, but they are not that bad.

I used Bread Flour when making these.

I think this flour makes better breads. The last time I made Cinnamon Rolls (Wanted Dead Or Alive), I used all-purpose flour. I should have used bread flour then, because they turned out a little hard, but still edible.

Then I went ahead and made these Honey-Rosemary Rolls. I made them smaller than the first dinner rolls. Simple and so delicious.

How about a Cheese Bun? Rolls topped with Mozzarella and Parmesan.

These Focaccia Rolls were made with a basic pizza dough. Flavorings of garlic, dried rosemary and olive oil are added. A heady scent as they baked.

I made small sandwiches, Sliders, with the Focaccia Rolls for dinner. Very filling and made the kids happy. Yum!

-hazrock, Hazlin And The Kiddies


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Welcome To The Family

“Deep inside where nothing’s fine
I’ve lost my mind
You’re not invited, so step aside”

-Avenged Sevenfold (Song : Welcome To The Family)

Picture grabbed from Google Search.

Maybe I have not accepted the fact that The Rev (R.I.P) is no longer with the band. Which is why I put the photo of the band with him still in it. Oh well, life goes on..

On a happier note, it was a great weekend spent with the family. And extended family too. Fun, laughter, bonding and of course, food!

We organized a barbecue at Costa Sands Resort, in Pasir Ris, Singapore. A potluck actually, where everyone chipped in, bringing something to complete the whole event.

Starting off with yours truly. I marinated some chicken wings in ginger, garlic, onions, a few types of soy sauce and lots of black pepper the night before. On the day itself, we just threw it on the grill.


My uncle Rosli and his family brought Yu Char Kuay and Dried Bean Curds stuffed with vegetables. And a spicy sauce accompanied.

Cousin Azim’s wife, Nana, made egg sandwiches. So yummy!

My sister Yani made these kebabs, eaten with a cucumber raita. I hate cucumbers so I skipped the raita. But these are good! Fun to barbecue. And eat!

Fried Rice and Noodles also from Uncle Rosli.

Seabass which was smothered in a spicy chili sauce. Who brought the fish?

We even barbecued corn, sausages and marshmallows!

A gorgeous Red Velvet Cake from Cousin Khairin.

Cousin Saihah brought these mini Fruit Trifles. I can eat so many of these. They were that addictive!

Fresh fruits brought by Aunt Raida, if I’m not mistaken.

Quite a crowd. Even my dad (on the wheelchair) dropped by for a bit, despite his poor health.

The kids had fun swimming in the pool. As for me…

Poolside. Deck chair. Happy feet.

Some of us stayed over. We went out for a short night walk and ended up at Downtown East, where we stopped by the 24-hour McDonald’s and had ice-cream!

Hot Fudge Sundae at 1am? Yes, please!

-hazrock, critical acclaim

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No Doubt

“Sappy pathetic little me
That was the girl I used to be”

-No Doubt (Song : Sunday Morning)

I love that music video by No Doubt!! Gwen Stefani and the gang jamming in a garage and then cooking spaghetti and eating together on a picnic table outside. The not so great part is the ending, a food fight! I am strongly against playing with food or wasting food!
No Doubt was my first introduction to ska music. I used to have a huge girl-crush on Gwen Stefani. Oops! Did I say that out loud? Oh well… She was kinda cool and still is.
And I love the fact that No Doubt was from Anaheim, California, a place I’ve been to in the late 90s! Orange County rocks!

Bad quality screenshot of the music video taken from my phone.
I thought I’d recreate the scene for dinner tonight.

Love this, even though we ate indoors. And complete with the red-white gingham tablecloth too!


Garlic Bread

Simple salad

Music inspires me!

-hazrock, don’t speak just eat

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The Little Prince


Last week, and after 3 wonderful nieces, I finally have a nephew! Oh the joy of a new life! Welcome to the world, little prince!

I was at my sister’s over the weekend to see the baby. My parents were there too so there was family bonding and a little feasting as well.

My mom made Chicken and Potato Curry, and we ate it with warm toasted French loaves.

And accompanying the Curry, she would always make an Egg Salad with a Peanut Chilli Dressing.

I made Cinnamon Rolls.

My brother-in-law, the baby’s dad, made Fried Bee Hoon (rice vermicelli).

Nice family time on a weekend, surrounded by so much love for the new baby, Norman Iskandar.


-hazrock, awwwww…..


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Candle In The Wind

Black Forest Cake from Polar Cakes and Puffs

I didn’t make that, but I wish I did. I have baked cakes a few times. But somehow I’m still not that confident to do it. Just so afraid it will go horribly wrong.

My dad is quite sickly now, so my mom hired a an Indonesian domestic helper to help out around the house and to take care of him. We felt so blessed that she is so capable and reliable, works hard and with sincerity.

It was her birthday yesterday, so we thought we have a little celebration and to show how much we appreciate whatever she has done for my parents. Taking care of a sick elderly is quite demanding, so this is just our way to show our appreciation.

My kids and nieces of course jumped at the idea of a birthday party. In fact they are the ones who could not wait to blow the candles!


There’s the birthday girl with the kiddies. But who’s birthday was it? As far as the kids are concerned, any birthday is their birthday. There is no doubt in my mind, that there were more kids’ spittle spewing onto the cake than normal as they were all frantically and with great fervor blew out the candles.

The cake tasted delicious! Yum..!

-hazrock, sweet 16, I wish

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“I’ve been searching for you
I heard a cry within my soul
I’ve never had a yearning quite like this before”

-Lenny Kravitz

That’s just one of those songs which when I first heard it, I immediately fell in love with it. And for the next few days, this song was on repeat mode on my MP3 player. And after the obsession was over, I didn’t listen to it anymore for a long time. That’s how it goes. Next song please!

My mom’s Chicken Rice

I have written about my mom’s famous Chicken Rice before in my previous post, Ain’t Nobody Here But Us Chickens. She cooked it again today. And I just want to write about it again. Don’t mind me for being a broken record.

One of my uncles once ate her chicken rice. And he was just over the moon at how delicious it was. “You can open a chicken rice stall when you retire. This is really good!” Well, I think my mom would be happy just enjoying her stress free retirement with her children and grandchildren, instead of worrying about a chicken rice stall, which is just another job.

Home food is just the best. Period.

-hazrock, are you gonna go my way?


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