The Pseudo Artisan Baker : Honey Oat Bread

Sometimes, the urge to bake comes to me out of the blue. In this case, it was after work. Most people like to just relax and chill out after a long day. Well, me too. And sometimes baking is a way for me to relax.

I used the recipe by Laura Vitale here. It is awesome! The bread is slightly buttery and sweet (from the honey, of course). And it has oats (use either rolled or quick-cooking). My breakfast for tomorrow!

-hazrock, tired? It’s all in your head

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The Barista Wannabe : Red Velvet Hot Cocoa

I don’t know what is the big fuss about this Hot Cocoa. It is just Hot Cocoa, tinted red. And because of the red, let’s just give it a trendy and fabulous name, Red Velvet. Anything Red Velvet make people go nuts!

-hazrock, Black Velvet (Alannah Myles)

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The Pseudo Artisan Baker : Donuts

It was quite simple to make Donuts. Just a standard yeast dough, proofing, shaping and proofing again. Then deep fried a few minutes to get that beautiful golden brown. I made these for a Sunday breakfast and kept the coating relatively simple with just regular sugar, powdered sugar and glaze.

Of course I made the Donut Holes as well. I’d probably make it all Donut Holes next time because it is just easier and less messy to eat, especially with kids.

-hazrock, Down In A Hole (Alice In Chains)


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The Pseudo Artisan Baker : Cinnamon Rolls


This is probably my 3rd time making these lovely Cinnamon Rolls. I think this time it finally came out just how I like them. Soft and fluffy yeast dough, sweet cinnamon filling and just a drizzle of glaze over the top. It kept well in the fridge for a couple of days. And I just reheat them in the microwave for about a minute or so. Tasted freshly baked again.

-hazrock, don’t make me do the cinnamon challenge. That looks nasty!


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The Barista Wannabe : Vienna Coffee

Maybe I should just admit it. I don’t like black coffee. Nope, not even when it’s topped with whipped cream like this Vienna Coffee. I probably should have added more whipped cream. Anyway, Coffee with milk and sugar anytime!

But I must say, this looks beautiful. Because I made it! Haha!

-hazrock, Milk (Anthrax)

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The Pseudo Artisan Baker : Sourdough

Day 1 : Starting the starter

Fast forward to Day 5 : Starter getting bubbly and sour

Finally Day 6 : We have Sourdough Bread

I finally got down and attempted conquered the Sourdough! Just followed the experts and embarked on a dangerous territory/journey/experiment. What I did was just a few minutes of work each day to sort of cultivate yeasts in the starter. I’m no professional baker, but I am a good follower and learner. So I just did what the experts do.

The crust on the bread was achieved by spraying water a few times while it was baking. Love the “bakery” look it gave to the final product.

-hazrock, happy as can be


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The Pseudo Artisan Baker : Nutella Bear Claws

Disclaimer : This is not an “authentic” Bear Claw. The dough I used was not puff pastry. And the filling was not almond paste. As long as I shaped it like a Bear Claw, who cares.

One day, I will make Bear Claws properly (puff pastry, albeit frozen). Now I’m just a little intimidate by it so I guess a basic bread dough will do. And who doesn’t love Nutella?

-hazrock, Nutella is a food group.


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