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Due to family commitments, sad to say that I will be away from my blog for about a week or so. But rest assured that I will be back next week to more blog entries, possibly lots of FOOD ADVENTURES as well.

I started this blog less than a month ago. I enjoy writing tremendously, and it’s one of my favorite things to do right now. I’m glad that some Like and leave comments on my blog. Appreciate every single one! Thank you.

-hazrock, in the most cliched Arnold voice, I’ll be back


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Mirror Mirror

A mirror-like surface on The Hillsborough River, FL. Photo stolen with permission (oxymoron) from DLW.

Mirrors hold secrets. And a lot of those secrets should be kept, well, a secret. Is that a pimple on my chin? Yikes! I think I saw a white hair on my head. God, look at those eyebags. If you put me next to a panda, you won’t be able to tell the difference.

Sometimes, when I stand in front of a mirror, the image I see is not what I like. Sure, a lot of people are like that. I want to be slimmer, or prettier, or taller or shorter. Yes shorter! I know tall girls who think their heights are a disadvantage.

But as i grow older (yikes!), I realized looks are immaterial. It’s nice to look gorgeous and all, but what lies beneath are more important. I personally rather channel my energy on other pressing issues than to be completely fixated with looks. My face is happy with just water and soap. My pores however are not. Ok maybe I’ll get a tube of facial scrub on my way back. Hah!

hazrock, looking normal in a fun mirror at the carnival


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Face the day

The Goof

Good Morning world! It’s Friday. (or Good Evening for some parts of the world. And you guys are still on Thursday). Another busy work day beckons. I may not have time to write later so i might as well write now.

As I ride in my shuttle bus to work and writing this, I thought to myself, oh shoot! I’m going away next week. And I have not even THINK of what to pack. It would be easy if it’s only me going because I can throw stuff into a suitcase the day before. But with kids on tow, I have to make sure that I have their stuff on hand. It’s not that we are going to a remote village with no running water and electricity. I just want a piece of mind when traveling with kids.

I recently watched 19 Kids and Counting featuring the Duggar family. Yes, 19 kids! But the family has a system, and it runs like a well-oiled machine. Everyone cooperates, even the little toddlers. It is just so heartwarming to watch them. The kids are homeschooled (i can never do that!). Everytime they go grocery shopping, they bring back crates of food to store in their huge pantry.

Ok back to facing the day. And starting to think of stuff I need for the trip.

-hazrock, packing everything but the kitchen sink


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I have been working at a new job for about 3 months. And today, it was a day like no other. I would normally have a couple of things I need to do, and most of the time at my own pace. Today however, I actually saw an array of tasks with a tight deadline, and my name written all over them. And because of that I had to slightly rush them and I didn’t have time to write in here, which is now one of my favorite things to do.

I know I don’t write literary works or essays in here. Just straight to the point, and everyday stuff. And I know some of them can be quite mundane. It is just how I write. (YOU! The reader! Stop yawning!)

And so ends my hectic work day. It will be a fast food dinner today. And it is the best kind of dinner I want right now especially after a long day full of drawings of wiring diagrams and system layouts. Kids! Mom’s not cooking!

-hazrock, still alive and kicking


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Shadows, They Come

Photo courtesy of DLW

When I was a kid, I was a little scared of shadows. To me, at that time, shadows were uncertainties. When I heard footsteps and saw a shadow on the floor coming towards me, I would be filled with anxiety. Who was it? Was it my mom or dad? Or a relative? Or a stranger? Or worse?

Now that I’m older (don’t know about wiser), the shadows that terrifies me are those from the past. The shadows of the things that I’ve done wrong. I know they are lurking in the background and they will come back to haunt me. One of these days, BAM! They will pounce when I least expect.

-hazrock, cast no shadow


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Today came and went just like any other day. Monotonous, Uneventful, Routine. Which is just how I like most of my days to be without too much stress and drama.

I did a lot of reflection of my life today. The conclusion is, it is just as how I described above. Sometimes it’s funny how we look for joys and happiness only to be numbed by the pain of not receiving them.

For those following my blog, I’m sorry I get a little emotional. This time of the year always gets me like this. Anyway, enough of that. I’ll be back tomorrow (or later?) for my usual writings about food, random stuff, silliness.

-hazrock, melancholy and the infinite madness


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Feeling red in a sea of blue

It’s that time of the year again to reflect. Despite the fact that it’s a day unlike any other day, I can’t help feeling blue, or on this case, red. I just want to curl under a rock and come out when this day is over. Yes, its that bad. This year, like all previous years, I plunged myself into a sea of emptiness. Sometimes it’s just a feeling I can’t escape, although I tried my best to snap out of it. Oh well, I’ll get over it as soon as this day pass.

Sometimes, dreams and wishes are just that, dreams and wishes. A lot of times, chasing dreams can be futile. And sometimes, it just feels like there’s no point in all of this. What’s the point of chasing dreams when you know you can’t reach it. As what Metallica said, SAD BUT TRUE.

-hazrock, the only fork in a drawer of spoons


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