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Boys To Men

Brave nephews, Rio (left, 5) and Zico (7), going through a rite of passage.

As Muslims, all boys have to go through it. Circumcision. It is being done before boys reach puberty although there are some parents who circumcised their baby boys as young as about a month old.
So after it had been done, the boys can’t wear pants, as the wounds were still raw and tender and it would be painful if the fabric touched it. So we gave them sarongs to wear. And to further ensure that the sarong wouldn’t graze the wound, Malays came up with this ingenious contraption using a bent clothes hanger strapped around the boys waists. So there they were, walking around with a sarong and an obvious protrusion in the groin area. Quite amusing to see.

To mark this momentous occasion, the parents (my brother in law and his wife) decided to have a small gathering with the family and close neighbors. And the wife, an Indonesian and an excellent cook), cooked up a storm with help from her friends.

Ayam Penyet (Indonesian smashed chicken)

Fried Tofu and Tempeh

Oxtail Soup

Fried Bee Hoon

A “village” salad comprises of round eggplant, cucumbers, lettuce and cabbage with a spicy sambal and lime squeeze.

Fruits Rojak. Young papayas, guavas, turnips, cucumbers and apples eaten with a spicy prawn paste sauce.

And there were sweet and savory snacks as well.

Curry Puffs

Kueh Dadar

Chendol Nagasari, a sweet steamed pudding

Kueh Lopes

Fresh Fruits

Chocolates in little cases for guests

And as a “bravery award”, my brother in law bought them an Xbox 360!!


My son, Razin, trying out Grand Theft Auto.
And with an unerring logic of an 11-year-old, he is willing to be circumcised again just so he can have an Xbox. Haha! Kids!

-hazrock, yummy in my tummy


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Roots Bloody Roots

Ahhh seeing metalheads headbanging to Sepultura at Wacken Open Air Music Festival on YouTube makes me want to headbang as well. “ROOTS BLOODY ROOTS! ROOTS BLOODY ROOTS!”, they chanted. Hopefully no dandruff or head lice fall off my head.

“Nasi Rawon” (Rice with Rawon gravy) from Makan Bagus at Tampines Round Market

That is a plate of gorgeous. Nasi Rawon is an Indonesian dish, particularly from the island of Java. Some people say it as “Rawan”, which is not right. It’s “Rawon”, as pronounced by the Javanese.

It felt like I’m going back to my roots when I ate this. I’ve been told that my late paternal great-grandfather was from Java and he had a very Javanese name which I can’t remember. But I have never actually traced back my family line or looked up long lost relatives there. That would be cool though.

So, the Rawon is a black gravy made from spices and the keluak fruit. That gives the gravy it’s deep dark colour and somehow tastes nutty as well.

Served with other dishes. What I’ve chosen are beef rendang, sambal goreng (tofu, tempeh and green beans in a spicy sauce) and a little bit of serunding (grated coconut fried in spices). A really filling Saturday morning brunch which will last me until dinner. If I can wait that long..

-hazrock, the root of all evil (haha)

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Tall Cool One

Ice Bandung Drink

Bad cough or no bad cough, I need to cool down!!! And cool down fast! And sipping an Ice Bandung does it. A rose syrup drink, gleaming red on its own. But add some evaporated milk, and it blushed into pink. The final shade of pink depends on how much milk you put in. A little milk makes a deep ruby pink while a lot turns it into a baby pastel.

Disclaimer : don’t try to find this in Bandung, Indonesia. They don’t have it there.

-hazrock, lighten up baby I’m in love with you.


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Chicken or Fish?

All photos swiped from Siti Nuraini’s Facebook photo album. I asked her, but she hasn’t replied. So if she said no, I may have to delete this whole post! Lol

How can I forget to write about my last night in Ciasem, West Java, Indonesia? On a balmy tropical night, it was perfect for a barbecue.

The moon was gorgeous that night! 20120612-072525.jpg

Our makeshift barbecue consisted of bricks and a dislodged piece of an iron gate. Haha! Go figure!
So what did we barbecue that night? Chicken? Fish? It was “ikan ayam ayam” (loosely translated as chicken fish). I don’t know the English word for it. The fish was so delicious, tasted like, well.. chicken! Hence, the name. And eaten with rice and a spicy soy sauce. And eaten the way Malays are supposed to eat, with our fingers!



And as what my father in law said, the best part of the meal is eating together as a family. That’s what made the meal so delicious. He’s right!

Eating as a family really beats eating alone.

-hazrock, family first


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Food Fight!!

My mom’s Gado-Gado. Indonesia on a plate.

It sounds like the Malay word “gaduh” meaning fight. When I was little, I imagined the ingredients “fighting” with each other in the dish, to see who gets eaten first. Lol!

This dish has so much texture. Soft, hard, crunchy, all wonderful. Comprises of boiled or blanched vegetables like green beans, potatoes and cabbages, and also raw cucumbers. Then came the fried stuff like fried tofu and fried tempeh (fermented soy bean, my favourite). Also, lontong (rice cakes) are added, and maybe half a hard-boiled egg. Then everything gets swathed and smothered with spicy peanut sauce. Topped with some fish crackers for crunch.

-hazrock, fight, for the right to parrtayyyy


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Ashes to Ashes

Tangkuban Perahu, volcanic crater

Isn’t that a beautiful sight? The wonders of nature. Legends surround the entire mountain. The story of Sangkuriang who fell in love with his own mother and can’t marry her. He got angry and kicked a boat which he built for her. The boat overturned and became what is known today as Tangkuban Perahu mountain.

It was a really nice place. And we were quite high up the mountain to witness the crater. The smell of sulphur filled the air but that did not deter us away from the majestic crater we witnessed in front of us.


One thing we were all so unhappy about at this place, was the presence of touts selling souvenirs to tourists. And there were so many of them. I mean, really. They brought their wares up to our faces. Some had forlorn faces to induce sympathy. And they followed us everywhere. Of course we understand they wanted to make a living. But to pester tourists like this is really not what we had in mind. We wanted to enjoy the crater and all it’s surroundings, not be bothered by touts. Sigh..

Me and the crater


-hazrock, dust to dust

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Giddy up!!

The kiddies (by kiddies I mean some adults too) went horseback riding at Ciater Hot Spring, West Java, Indonesia. After a good soak in the pool of hot spring water, off they go! Giddy up cowboys! Haha!

Kiddies and Atuk (grandpa / my father in law) in the pool. The water was invitingly warm.


My oldest, Razin, in blue, with Cousin Zico on their horses.


Not to be outdone, Atuk went riding too. Hehe!


Qistina, my daughter, patting a friendly horsey.


When we went to pick strawberries in Lembang, they have horseback riding facilities too. So off they go for another round.

Razin on a horse again!


Qistina looked like a pro!


Blogger didn’t ride for fear of traumatic effects on the poor horse.

-hazrock, riding off into the sunset

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