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One Sweet Day

Wishing all of my Muslim friends and followers a blessed Eid-ul-Adha! And prayers for those in Mecca who are still there for the annual pilgrimage. May your Hajj pilgrimage be filled with countless blessings.
One sweet day, Allah willing, I will go there as well.

For the rest of us who are not at the Holy Land, we celebrated with family and close relatives. Another joyous occasion for family bonding. I’m all for that!

Of course this has to be a food post. In a previous one, When Greed Took Over, I had apologized for not taking photos of the wonderful food for Eid-ul-Fitr. Today, I did! Yeay!

Here they are. All food cooked by my mom with the help from the help.

“Lontong” (Rice Cakes)

Hard-Boiled Eggs in Sambal

Beef Rendang

“Serunding” (Shredded coconut cooked in spices)

“Sayur Lodeh” (Vegetables in coconut milk gravy)

Shrimp fried in Tempura batter

Wonderful family time. And comforting home-cooked food as well.

-hazrock, waiting to answer the calling


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London, Baby!

We are at the tail-end of the Muslim blessed month of Syawal which is a celebration month after the equally blessed month of Ramadhan. By this time, a lot of us will have leftover Eid goodies at home. Rather than wasting it away, why not bring it to the office to snack on when afternoons get long and dreary.

A co-worker brought some from home. Almond London! Oh yes!

Still half a jar left. Wow!

Almond London is an almond flavoured cookie with a whole almond in the centre. After they are baked, they are placed on little cups. Melted chocolate is poured over. After that, toasted diced almonds are sprinkled on top. Hmmm I don’t think I’ve ever written the word “almond” so many times in a paragraph. And just for the heck of it, I’ll say it again. Almond.



-hazrock, a shoutout to Will and Kate who dropped by our country for a visit a few days ago!


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Thank You, Teacher!

1st September. Teacher’s Day in Singapore. I would like to take this opportunity to wish all my teacher friends in any part of the world, HAPPY TEACHER’S DAY.

I realized that I have a lot I teacher friends. School teachers (obviously), pre-school teachers, university lecturers, trainers in IT, motivators, personal trainers at the gym, English teachers teaching in Korean school, nursing school, Indonesian school, personal tutors, WOW! I respect the teaching profession. I know it is not easy to teach. My mom was a teacher too, retired now.

A great way to celebrate with our teachers is a get-together. I went to one today. Well, she’s not my teacher. But my husband’s. She taught him when he was in primary school. There we were at her home, and since we are still in “Eid mode”, it became an Eid visiting as well.

Simple and unpretentious, yet delicious homemade spread laid before us.

Fried Beehoon (thin rice noodles), chicken nuggets and chicken wings.

Savory dessert – Talam Lauk (little cakes with mince beef)

Sweet dessert – Marble Pudding and Kuih Koswe (steamed sweet little cakes)

It is so wonderful for them to be able to still keep in touch with each other and their teacher too after all these years.

-hazrock, good student (it’s true!)

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Love Letters In The Sand

Homemade Love Letters at my aunt’s house.

I will go visiting my aunt’s house during Eid just purely for her homemade Love Letters. Her late mother in law was an expert in making these. She used to have a good “following” of people ordering Love Letters from her for various festive events. Eid, Chinese New Year, Christmas, etc. Her son, my aunt’s husband, learned to make them as well and these are made by him.

To make this, you need asbestos hands and must be able to literally “take the heat”.

Photo grabbed from Google Search

The Love Letters iron is pretty interesting. It is like a pair of huge scissors with flat pans at the end. I supposed like an Italian pizzelle iron. The batter is added on the pans and then clamped together and put on the heat (stove or grill). When it is cooked, remove it from the pan and while it is still hot, roll it with your hands into a cigar shape. Then put it aside and it will harden and become crispy as it cools.
So it is imperative to have the skill to roll it as soon as it is out of the pan. If not, you will not be able to roll it. Oh well, it will be an Italian pizzelle in that case. Lol! But some people just folded the love letter over into a triangle shape. Whatever shape you like, it is still soooo good.

Lost count on how many I had eaten

I personally do not know how to make these. Those few times when I bought them for Eid are all factory-made. No contest when compared that to these. Homemade wins hands down!

-hazrock, a stash of old love letters in my store room


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Lingering Looks

It had been a 5-day weekend. And as busy one too with all the bedlam that surrounded the preparation of Eid, leading up to the blessed day itself.

Today, I went back to work. What better way to come come into the office and be greeted by 2 trays of Eid goodies brought by a co-worker.

Clockwise from top right : Pineapple Tarts, Meringue Cookies, Almond London and Spicy Springroll Skin.

Clockwise from top : Kuih Makmur, M&M Cookies, Bantal Peluk Saloma and Chocolate Chip Cookies

Found myself going over to his desk again on the pretext of inquiring something work while my roving hands grabbed a piece of pineapple tart. Yum!

Ok back to work. No more lingering over the trays of food!

-hazrock, do you have to let the cookies linger? do you have to? do you have to?


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When Greed Took Over…

…. no posting on WordPress!


I had all the intention in the world to take photos of typical celebrations of Eid (aka food feasting) in Singapore and do a nice blog post about it. Believe me, I do!

First stop was at my parents’. My mom had prepared the usual spread. Lontong (rice cakes), her once a year chicken stew, chilli prawns, lodeh (a curry vegetable dish), the works. I immediately dig-ged in (it’s not dug in, isn’t it? sounded so wrong). Halfway through my meal, I remembered. Oh no! I had forgotten to take pics of all these lovely food!

Then off we go to my in-laws. Again lovely food, attacked them at once. And again forgotten to take pics.

Sorry fellow bloggers!

-hazrock, bowing my head in shame


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A Labour Of Love

“Kek Lapis” at my parents’ place and also at a lot of households this festive season.

“Kek Lapis” or Indonesian “Lapis Legit” is one of the popular Eid goodies here. As the name suggests, “lapis” means layers. Which reminds me of another name for this, Thousand Layer Cake. If there is really a thousand layers, baking it would be a monumental feat!

The cake is quite rich and buttery, and with a hint of spice (cinnamon, cloves, anise I think). A lot of egg yolks are used, and I mean a lot! Like 20 or so! I guess that’s what gives it the richness.

To bake this cake requires patience and endurance because it will take a huge chunk of your time. Be prepared to spend about 2 hours just baking it. And you literally have to babysit this in front of the oven and bake it layer by layer.

I personally don’t think I have the patience for this. And I don’t want to get a tan by sitting face to face with the oven. I will just buy it or go visiting this festive season. I’m sure most of my relatives’ houses serve this for Eid.

-hazrock, all we need is just a little patience

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