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Like losing a limb (almost)

Almost brand new

This day and age, our mobile phones are our lives. I take a lot of public transport. Very often, I will see other commuters mostly burying their heads into their mobile devices (phones, tablets, gaming consoles) and ears plugged to ear or head phones. We have become a sort of an anti-social society. It’s a little sad actually but that’s the price we have to pay for high technology.

I got a real scare recently when My phone stopped working. It’s a passcode problem, sigh, no need to get into all the technicalities. The easiest way is to restore it. So I did and I restored it back to a setting a year ago (when I last synced it). The end result, a very bare, almost virgin (haha!) phone. Most of my apps are gone. So are recent contacts, photos and other media. Oh well. Life goes on.

But good thing I had uploaded some photos onto Facebook. So it’s not such a bad idea after all to chronologically detail your life on social networks.

-hazrock, got my life back.

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Desperately Seeking Silence


Living in a modern cosmopolitan city is great. I love feeling the pulse of the city beat all around me. But sometimes, the noise can get a little overwhelming. So much that so many times, all I want is silence, and to get away from the city crowd which can get a little crazy.

But imagine, finding out the stark reality that the silence I seek speaks so loud. Sometimes, it’s deafening. Yes, a deafening silence. Kinda oxymoronic isn’t it?

-hazrock, silent all these years


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One Letter Words


I absolutely hate awkward one-word conversations. I try to avoid them as much as possible. I’m not saying you have to be an orator to talk to me. I can barely talk myself. Just want a nice conversation with someone who seems like he/she wants to talk to me

A typical one-word conversation would be like this :
Me : Hi! How are you?
X : Good
Me : havent seen you in a while. What have you been up to lately?
X : not much

Sheesh! So annoying. My conversations with robots are more fruitful.
So imagine, to my horror, there are now ONE-LETTER conversations! Really! They do exist! I recently had an unfortunate encounter with it. It goes something like this. (not the actual conversation. Just an example) :
Me : Are you free tomorrow?
XX : Y
Me : I need your help in (blah, blah,blah.)
XX : K

Aarrghhhh! These kinds of conversations make me want to gouge my eyeballs out! Is it so difficult to type an “ok” or a “why”? Sheeeesh!!

-hazrock, wants a robot friend


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Paper or Plastic

Vegetables on display

A supermarket recently opened near where I work. I love going there during lunch time. Everything looks so new and clean and properly arranged. And I love grocery shopping. Something about walking alone, up and down the aisle, pushing a cart which I find so calm and relaxing. Sometimes, just browsing helps, and I don’t have to buy anything to feel it’s therapeutic effects. Unless I go with my 2 young daughters. That would be another blog entry on STRESS. Haha!

And looking at the food section excites me. Especially when I see gorgeous fruits and vegetables on display like these.

Different types of mangoes

Oohhhh… Now I want to get some of those mangoes. Hmm I feel a mango smoothie coming on. Oh wait. I busted my blender weeks ago trying to puree a pea soup. The whole thing gave way and I had soup all over the kitchen counter and floor. Not a pretty sight!

I think I want a career in supermarket shopping. No, not supermarket management, SUPERMARKET SHOPPING. I’ll do your shopping when you are too lazy to go. Hehehe.

-hazrock, your personal shopper


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Not so lucky


“I do not feel the need to apologize to anyone for leaving my kids with their grandmother just for one night to go to that concert. And it had been a year. And with my almost non-existent social life, except for lunches with people at work, my kids had not left my side since then except when they go to school. I do not think it’s fair to judge me based on just that one night.”
Excerpts from my earlier entry In the mosh pit

It’s funny how we are judged based on little bad things we did while our other big good things go unnoticed.
But some people are lucky. They did so many bad things, being irresponsible and uncaring all the time. And getting away with it. And once in a blue moon, they do a good thing, and tributes came from all over about how wonderful they are and everything. I am certainly not one of those lucky people. But I know some people among them. If only other people can see they are not such big hotshots after all.

-hazrock, no bets in Vegas


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