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“And I love the thought of coming home to you
Even if I know we can’t make it”

-Simply Red (Song : Fairground)

Picture grabbed from Google Search

Simply Red!! Nothing but feel good blue-eye soul music. I have always known Simply Red as Mick Hucknell, don’t know who the other guys in the band are. Oh well..

Homemade Corn Dogs

Food found at fairgrounds are so awesome! There is just something about walking around, exploring the fair, seeing its attractions and eating at the same time. And I love food on sticks!

Corn Dogs are not so popular in Singapore. There are Waffle Dogs around “pasar malams” (night market) here. They are always sold by non-Muslims and I always question the meat they sold, so I always end up avoiding them. When in doubt, DON’T.

I decided to try making my own Corn Dogs. Simple enough, although I had a hard time finding cornmeal. And finally after some research, I found out they are also known as polenta, which are sold here under the “Organic” or “Health” section at the supermarket.

And I know the sausages had to be skewered, dipped in the cornmeal batter and fried, with the skewer. I do not have a pan deep enough to accommodate the sausages and skewers that way. So I cheated a little and deep-fry them without the skewers, and skewer them when they came off the fryer. No one needs to know. Shh!

Serve with mustard and ketchup. Chilli sauce would be good too.

-hazrock, something got me started

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Ugly Kid Joe

“Some say I’ve got a bad attitude,
but that don’t change the way I feel about you,
and if you think this might be bringing me down,
look again ’cause I ain’t wearing no frown!

-Ugly Kid Joe (Song : Everything About You)

Picture grabbed from Google Search.

When I read the story about how the band got its name, I thought I had died laughing. It’s brilliant! It’s a parody and the complete opposite of the name of a glam metal rock band Pretty Boy Floyd.

Picture grabbed from Google Search.

In the battle of UKJ vs PBF, I think both won because I listen to both!

Sloppy Joe

I had leftover homemade beef chili. And who has the time or energy to come home from work to cook? So I grabbed some hamburger buns from the grocery store, reheated the chili, grated some leftover cheddar and dinner is served.

I hope no one saw me eating a Sloppy Joe. As the name suggests, it was not a pretty sight.

-hazrock, we’ll set the skies on fire.

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Red Hot Chili Peppers

“Someone better slap me before I start to rust, before I start to decompose”
-Red Hot Chili Peppers (Song : Aeroplane)

Picture grabbed from Google Search

Ahh! Dave Navarro played on this one. I don’t really listen to “funny” bands. By “funny” I meant funny-weird, not funny-haha. They have come a long way since “Higher Ground”, “Give It Away” and “Mother’s Milk”. And who can forget that “sock” picture of them crossing Abbey Road a la The Beatles? Heh!

Homemade Roasted Cream of Tomato Soup with Garlic-Parmesan Croutons

I love the color of this soup. Pure red! Although I did add whole basil leaves for flavor when cooking. I fished it out just before I blended the soup with an immersion blender so that the green didn’t interrupt the full-on vermillion I was hoping for.

I used and Italian-brand canned tomatoes. Italians have the best tomatoes, or so I’m told.

I’ve also used fresh tomatoes roasted in the oven with balsamic vinegar and salt. That brought out the sweetness of the tomatoes. A little touch of cream at the end of the cooking, after blending, provided richness to the soup. Yum!
Served the soup with some Garlic-Parmesan Croutons. So good!

And I will have some for lunch today. But no more croutons because the kids have snacked on them. So just with plain salt crackers will do.

-hazrock, breaking the girl.


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Tea And Sympathy

“Wonder why we tried, for things that could never be
Play our hearts lament, like an unrehearsed symphony”

-Jars Of Clay (Song : Tea And Sympathy)

Jars Of Clay. Picture grabbed from Google Search.

I remember loving this song when it came on the radio in the late 90s. A nice melody, and it makes me smile. Sometimes what we need to feel better when life’s challenges get too overwhelming is a listening ear, some tea and sympathy. Even though it may come from a stranger on the bus or a waitress at the coffee shop. Of course we don’t expect them to help us solve our problems. Just a little sympathy, compassion and maybe a reassuring word or two are all it takes.

Homemade Cherry Cake

It was one of those days when I didn’t have a proper breakfast or lunch. And I had wanted to bake something, a sweet treat. So I thought, hmmm maybe a Cherry Cake for tea in the afternoon would be wonderful.

It is a simple recipe from Laura In The Kitchen. A sponge cake with Maraschino Cherries throughout and slivered almonds on top. It just sounds delicious and promising!

True enough, it looked beautiful. A little dusting of confectioner’s sugar after it was baked and we have a winner!

I hardly have tea in the late afternoons. When I do, why not make it amazing? Who says tea have to be scones or cucumber sandwiches (I’m not a fan of cucumber anyway) or have to be served in a fancy tea set? Just a slice (or two) of the Cherry Cake, tea in a plain white Ikea mug and I’m good.

-hazrock, I pity the fool

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The Pot

” Who are you to wave your finger? You must have been out your head.”
-Tool (Song : The Pot)

Tool. One of those bands who I think I should be listening to but somehow I don’t. Well, not much anyway.

A homemade Hotpot dinner for my family.

I love eating when the food is cooked on the table. It’s communal, fun and interactive. Plus, it just means that I just buy the raw ingredients and dump it all on the table. So I can delude myself into thinking I can be lazy. But the truth is, it was quite a big production!
An electric hotpot was plugged in, with clear chicken broth simmering gently in it.


Slices of beef and fish

Fish balls, crab sticks and chicken sausages


Various kinds of Tofu

Corn on the cob, baby corn, enoki and oyster mushrooms

Grey Prawns

Vermicelli, bean thread noodles and egg

Dipping Sauces

Oh wow! A bubbling cauldron. That looks magnificent!

-hazrock, this pot is the legal kind

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Toad The Wet Sprocket

“And it won’t matter now
Whatever happens to me
Though the air speaks of all we’ll never be”

-Toad The Wet Sprocket (Song : All I Want)

Picture grabbed from Google Search.
Hmmm, what do I know about Toad The Wet Sprocket? Nothing! Hehe. I just love this song by them. Plus, their name just goes well with the food I’m writing about.

Toad In The Hole

This entry is way overdued. Got a little distracted. Life happens outside WordPress.

Oh I love this! A really simple and classic dish from England. Toad In The Hole is basically a Yorkshire Pudding with “toads”. I can assure you, no toads are harmed in the making of this dish. The “toads” in question are sausages, in my case, chicken sausages.

I think this dish is not way up there in the looks department. Seriously, if you Google images of this dish, they all look err.. not so pleasing to the eye. But I love it, and I think my kids love it (after they completely assured that there are no toads in it). Well, they wanted seconds, and asked when I’m making it again. So I think it’s a hit.

And this dish is served with an onion gravy, which I had forgotten to snap a pic of it.

-hazrock, if I kiss this dish will it turn into a handsome prince?

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“Batter” Than Me

“I told myself I won’t miss you
But I remember
What it feels like beside you”

-Hinder (Song : Better Than Me)

Hinder!! Love their songs! Although I think they are a great recording band and only sound great in their records. I mean, have you heard them live? Let’s just say, my ears have not forgiven me.

Fish and Chips

Oh what a classic and comforting dish. It’s the weekend and I suddenly felt like cooking up a storm.

I got a good deal for sutchi fillets from a supermarket near where I live. So I thought I’d make Fish and Chips. Grabbed some lemons, Idaho russet potatoes and a bottle of tartare sauce while I was there as well.

Yes, I used tartare sauce from a jar. I’m not a professional chef. Not everything has to be made from scratch. A lot of times, I took some help from the store to make my life easier. Yeay!

The classic batter for fish and chips is a beer batter. That’s how they do it in England. I substitited the beer with sparkling water. Hey, the chefs on YouTube said we can use that if we don’t want to use beer. So I did!

And traditionally, Fish and Chips is served in a paper cone made from old newspapers. I’m not comfortable eating fish and fries sprinkled with newspaper ink. So I used the brown paper which is often used by mixed-rice sellers here to wrap food to go. I don’t think those brown papers are food-grade either. But they gave me a peace of mind.

-hazrock, lips of an angel

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