The Occasional Vegan : Quinoa and Bean Salad in a Jar

25 Nov


To me, ingredients and cooked food stored in mason jars are so pretty to look at. I came across this idea of a salad while googling (can’t even remember what I googled). I love this and to be honest, this picture always makes me smile.

The dressing of the salad goes into the bottom of the jar, so that it can be poured over the salad as I dump the whole thing in a bowl. Salad leaves should be placed on top, away from the dressing so it won’t get soggy. I like the flavor of honey-mustard dressing, but in this case, honey is replaced with maple syrup.

I always must have some sort of meat in my salads. And since I wanted to keep this vegan, I opted for quinoa instead. Ahh quinoa! My new love.

-hazrock, jar of hearts

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