Smoke On The Water

18 Jun

“We all came out to Montereax,
On the Lake Geneva shoreline”

-Deep Purple (Song : Smoke On The Water)

Picture grabbed from Google Search

One of the most memorable riffs ever! I remembered when I was growing up, it seemed like EVERYBODY loved Deep Purple and especially that signature song of theirs. I didn’t like them then, because I was sort of a rebel. I didn’t, and still don’t, like music that was played to death by everybody. It just put me off completely. And when the dust settled, I slowly liked their music and began to appreciate how good they were.

Homemade Flavored Water (All Citrus and Strawberry-Orange)

Heatwave in Singapore! The weather has been hot hot hot. And in a bid to get the kids, and myself, to drink more water, I scoured online for ways to jazz up the plain old tap juice.
The search had been quite err… fruitful (pardon the pun). I found recipes to add flavor to water, just by adding fruits and herbs.

Basically, most fruits will do. Berries, citruses, melons. And herbs like rosemary, mint and even basil.

(L-R) Blackberry-Raspberry, Lemon-Mint and Raspberry-Lime. So refreshing!

So simple to make. Fruits and herbs (if using) at the bottom of a mason jar. Crush them a little with a bartender’s muddler. I didn’t have one so I used a thin wooden rolling pin (anything goes in my kitchen). Topped with ice and water. Let stand for at least an hour. Longer for maximum fruitiness. And then, SLURP!

-hazrock, love conquers all

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