Green Tinted Sixties Mind

26 May

“Gotta face the day
there’s no other way to clear the fog inside your mind.
Fill it up with dreams but all that you can seem to find.
A green tinted sixties mind”

-Mr Big (Song : Green Tinted Sixties Mind)

Picture grabbed from Google Search

Mr Big!! Love them! The closest I have been near them was probably about a meter or so. They came down here in the early 90s and like any silly fangirl I went to the airport to see them. Along with hundreds of other fans, male and female. As the band was quickly whisked away to their waiting vehicle, I almost grabbed Paul Gilbert‘s arm but I wasn’t close enough. Ahhh.. Good times.

Homemade Pandan Waffles

A heady scent of pandan wafted through my humble apartment as I made these. So invitingly delicious. These Pandan Waffles are so popular here, sold at bakeries islandwide. I did a write-up about these kind of waffles in my earlier post, Seize The Day.

Pandan is screwpine leaves, widely use here mostly in desserts and sometimes savory dishes.

They have so much flavor and a lovely aroma. Sometimes, people here put pandan leaves in their cars, as a natural air freshener and insect repellent.

Back to food, I used pandan paste from a bottle for my waffles. Let’s face it, you think I would go through the trouble of extracting the pandan juice and boiling it myself and whatever else that needed to be done? In my most gangsta voice, hells naw!!

These waffles are yummy plain and with fillings. Jam, kaya(egg jam), chocolate, Nutella, cheese are all good.

-hazrock, addicted to that rush


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2 responses to “Green Tinted Sixties Mind

  1. Peter Archbold

    June 9, 2013 at 3:51 am

    Pandan waffles sounds like a great idea especially with kaya. Making pandan juice doesn’t have to be too hard I just cut the leaf into pieces, cover it with water and blitz it with a hand blender then strain the juice off. I use it for stuff like pancakes or making pandan creme brulée. It never gives that bright green glowing colour,more of a pastel shade but more importantly the pandan flavour is there :-p

    • hazrock

      June 9, 2013 at 8:45 am

      I want the waffles to have a bright green, just like those sold at bakeries here. Oh it was just one of those lazy days so I just reached for the little bottle of pandan paste.
      Thank you for your comments and thanks for stopping by. 🙂


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