19 May

“And I love the thought of coming home to you
Even if I know we can’t make it”

-Simply Red (Song : Fairground)

Picture grabbed from Google Search

Simply Red!! Nothing but feel good blue-eye soul music. I have always known Simply Red as Mick Hucknell, don’t know who the other guys in the band are. Oh well..

Homemade Corn Dogs

Food found at fairgrounds are so awesome! There is just something about walking around, exploring the fair, seeing its attractions and eating at the same time. And I love food on sticks!

Corn Dogs are not so popular in Singapore. There are Waffle Dogs around “pasar malams” (night market) here. They are always sold by non-Muslims and I always question the meat they sold, so I always end up avoiding them. When in doubt, DON’T.

I decided to try making my own Corn Dogs. Simple enough, although I had a hard time finding cornmeal. And finally after some research, I found out they are also known as polenta, which are sold here under the “Organic” or “Health” section at the supermarket.

And I know the sausages had to be skewered, dipped in the cornmeal batter and fried, with the skewer. I do not have a pan deep enough to accommodate the sausages and skewers that way. So I cheated a little and deep-fry them without the skewers, and skewer them when they came off the fryer. No one needs to know. Shh!

Serve with mustard and ketchup. Chilli sauce would be good too.

-hazrock, something got me started

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