Hard To Handle

05 May

“Boys and things that come by the dozen
That ain’t nothin’ but drugstore lovin'”

-The Black Crowes (Song : Hard To Handle)

I just LOVE the Black Crowes vibe! Good ol’ rock n roll. I had a hard time finding that CD when it came out. I went on a Black Crowes hunting spree that proved futile. Luckily, during that time, I had a pen-pal, Michelle, who was from Southern California. Yes, PEN-PAL! We actually
wrote LETTERS to each other for a few years. Envelopes, stamps, the works! She willingly bought the CD from there and sent it to me! What a kind soul. But we have since lost touch. I did search my social networks but somehow I couldn’t find her.
Anyway, of course after I got the CD from Michelle, it finally was readily available at the CD shops here. Sigh, these kinds of stuff always happens to me. Oh well..

Homemade Almond Biscotti

I got a first taste of a Biscotti at a local Starbucks, years ago. I love it! But I thought they were a little pricey. I mean, seriously, it’s just a cookie and it cost 2 bucks?

So I finally learnt that Biscottis need to be baked twice. The dough is shaped like a log and baked. Then the log is sliced into about half inch slices then baked again. And that gives it a hard and crunchy texture.

The biscotti is supposed to be hard because it is meant to be dunked into coffee or tea. But I like it just the way it is. If I lose a tooth while biting into it, oh well. I guess I will give the dentists some work to do.

-hazrock, twice as hard

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