Once Bitten Twice Shy

15 Apr

“I didn’t know you had a rock ‘n’ roll record
Until I saw your picture on another guy’s jacket”

-Great White (Song : Once Bitten Twice Shy)

Ahh! One of those songs I loved in the 80s! And I think, the term “hair bands” was conjured up by someone who had bad hair and was jealous of these guys. I mean, look at their hair. Long and lustrous locks. I wonder what hair products they used. Probably the shampoo used for horses, which I’m told, works wonders for human hair. Now, I have no equestrian skills whatsoever. But I’m still gonna giddy up and get some of that horse shampoo! Whoa!

Mee Hoon Soto from Makan Bagus!

I had previously written about Mee Soto (Earlier post : Soupy Tales). And last weekend I had a craving for some. So I went to Makan Bagus! again on Saturday morning for a quick fix. Ahh! So good! And so yummy! These noodles are made for slurping!

After I ran some errands and picked up the kids from their weekly religious class, we went to visit my parents. Imagine, to my delight, my mom had cooked Mee Soto for our lunch!

My mom’s Mee Soto. Good to the last slurp!

Twice on the same day! Double whammy! Two wrongs don’t make a right, but two rights, UTOPIA!!

-hazrock, angel song

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