Toad The Wet Sprocket

18 Mar

“And it won’t matter now
Whatever happens to me
Though the air speaks of all we’ll never be”

-Toad The Wet Sprocket (Song : All I Want)

Picture grabbed from Google Search.
Hmmm, what do I know about Toad The Wet Sprocket? Nothing! Hehe. I just love this song by them. Plus, their name just goes well with the food I’m writing about.

Toad In The Hole

This entry is way overdued. Got a little distracted. Life happens outside WordPress.

Oh I love this! A really simple and classic dish from England. Toad In The Hole is basically a Yorkshire Pudding with “toads”. I can assure you, no toads are harmed in the making of this dish. The “toads” in question are sausages, in my case, chicken sausages.

I think this dish is not way up there in the looks department. Seriously, if you Google images of this dish, they all look err.. not so pleasing to the eye. But I love it, and I think my kids love it (after they completely assured that there are no toads in it). Well, they wanted seconds, and asked when I’m making it again. So I think it’s a hit.

And this dish is served with an onion gravy, which I had forgotten to snap a pic of it.

-hazrock, if I kiss this dish will it turn into a handsome prince?

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