“Batter” Than Me

03 Mar

“I told myself I won’t miss you
But I remember
What it feels like beside you”

-Hinder (Song : Better Than Me)

Hinder!! Love their songs! Although I think they are a great recording band and only sound great in their records. I mean, have you heard them live? Let’s just say, my ears have not forgiven me.

Fish and Chips

Oh what a classic and comforting dish. It’s the weekend and I suddenly felt like cooking up a storm.

I got a good deal for sutchi fillets from a supermarket near where I live. So I thought I’d make Fish and Chips. Grabbed some lemons, Idaho russet potatoes and a bottle of tartare sauce while I was there as well.

Yes, I used tartare sauce from a jar. I’m not a professional chef. Not everything has to be made from scratch. A lot of times, I took some help from the store to make my life easier. Yeay!

The classic batter for fish and chips is a beer batter. That’s how they do it in England. I substitited the beer with sparkling water. Hey, the chefs on YouTube said we can use that if we don’t want to use beer. So I did!

And traditionally, Fish and Chips is served in a paper cone made from old newspapers. I’m not comfortable eating fish and fries sprinkled with newspaper ink. So I used the brown paper which is often used by mixed-rice sellers here to wrap food to go. I don’t think those brown papers are food-grade either. But they gave me a peace of mind.

-hazrock, lips of an angel

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