The Rime Of The Ancient Mariner

03 Feb

“Hear the rime of the ancient mariner
See his eye as he stops one of three
Mesmerises one of the wedding guests
Stay here and listen to the nightmares of the sea.”

-Iron Maiden (Song : The Rime Of The Ancient Mariner)

Picture grabbed from Google Search.

This is so bloody long!! 13 minutes or so. I think I never listened to this song fully. Yup, I have the attention span of a fruit fly. This song, based on the poem of the same name by English poet Samuel Taylor Coleridge, is one of Maiden’s epic works. Bravo!

Meatballs simmering in marinara sauce

I have always love looking at advertisements of Subway, the sandwich shop. The pictures of the sandwiches, on billboards and buses, looked sooo good. Yes I know, the real thing that they serve will not look that good. A lot of work needed to be done to make food look “pretty” for advertisements. Nothing wrong with that.

Unfortunately, the Subways here in Singapore have not received an a-okay from Muis (the Singapore Muslim authority). I’m not sure what is stopping Subway from obtaining the Halal certificate here. They already have it in Malaysia. I can eat all the Subways I want there, but not here.

Oh well, I’ll just make my own! I’m really drawn to the Meatball Marinara. It just looks so perfect for me.

So into the kitchen, making meatballs and a marinara sauce. A simple one using canned tomato sauce, onions, garlic and fresh basil.

Then I stuffed the meatballs in a baguette, sprinkled with some mozzarella and Parmesan cheese. And put it under the grill for a few minutes until the cheese melted. Yum!


-hazrock, the trooper


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3 responses to “The Rime Of The Ancient Mariner

  1. luvnorcal

    February 9, 2013 at 8:59 am

    Looks awesomely delicious!!

    • hazrock

      February 10, 2013 at 9:23 pm

      Thank you Nimmie! Sorry for replying late. A little preoccupied with stuff! Hope you’re well. 🙂

      • luvnorcal

        February 10, 2013 at 11:41 pm

        Yea 🙂 I haven’t had time to update either! Soon I hope.


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