Spinning Wheel

30 Jan

“What goes up must come down
Spinning wheel goes round and round”

-Blood Sweat and Tears

Picture grabbed from Graphic Bubbles.

I never heard of this band before, until I heard their song on American Idol. The song was sung by Bo Bice, who is probably my most favorite Idol of all time

Picture grabbed from Idol Chatter.

I don’t think any contestant in Idol will come as close as being real as Bo Bice. Humble, down to earth and sings Southern Rock. All good!

Ice Cream Sandwich from the Ice Cream Man who sells ice cream near where I work.

This brings back so much childhood memories. Ice Cream sandwiched between slices of bread. That, to me, can’t be bad. And of you don’t like bread with ice cream, the friendly Ice Cream Man will give you a choice of thin wafer biscuits or cones. Which also can’t be bad. Hehe!

And speaking of the Ice Cream Man, here he is!

Sorry! His head got chopped off. Bad angle from where I was standing as he prepared my order of Vanilla Chocolate Chip Ice Cream on Bread. There he was, on his motorbike with a refrigerated compartment in the sidecar and a huge umbrella to shield him from the scorching afternoon sun. Kids love him! Adults too! And food on wheels always taste good.

A much better picture of the Ice Cream Man. Grabbed from

And the ice-cream flavors that he offers are just simple ones. But so yummy!

A sample of the ice-cream menu. Picture grabbed from Google Search.

Oh no! I suddenly have a craving for the Sweet Corn, which I haven’t had in a long time! I hope you’ll come by tomorrow, Ice Cream Man! Same spot, 12.30-ish. See you!

-hazrock, the real thing

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