Origami Madness

27 Jan

I thought I’d take a break from food and cooking today. Just posting some pictures of (successful) origami models I have tried folding in recent months.

Water Bomb Tessellation
Tessellations are so interesting! But a lot of pre-creasing which leads to the paper eventually “collapses” to the desired pattern.

Books and bookshelf
These are so adorable. They can be a part of an origami dollhouse made entirely of paper, which I guess would be a huge and ambitious project.

Little boxes
Cute boxes, although I do have a nagging annoyance that they don’t really stand perfectly upright.

Apple, designed by Shuzo Fujimoto. Really nice one and a joy to fold.

Another tessellation, Clover Folding (3 stages). Love this!

And I challenged myself to fold the 5-stage Clover Folding too. Patience is key. And a lot of folding !

Creeper. Gamers who play Minecraft know this.

Andrea’s Rose, another tessellation I learnt.

The beautiful Kawasaki Rose. OMG! These are so addictive! I must’ve made a ton of these!

-hazrock, fingers twisted in knots!

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