Love Song

14 Jan

A special post requested by David from Thoughts from the Outdoors, and in my wannabe radio DJ voice. here is…. THE CURE!

Picture grabbed from Google Search.

“However far away
I will always love you
However long I stay
I will always love you
Whatever words I say
I will always love you
I will always love you”

-The Cure (Song : Love Song)

This song takes me back to the late 80s. I think during that time, the genre “alternative music” is not that popular. Just a lot of rock and hair metal bands during that time. But I must admit, I think Robert Smith looked a little freaky and scary with his haphazard hair and red red lips. Nevertheless, I love this song so much.

I’ve seen a few artistes do covers of this song. 311, Tori Amos (yeay!), and more recently Adele. This is one of those songs whereby it sounds good no matter who sang it. I feel that way about How Deep Is Your Love by the Bee Gees.

Roti Boyan (Bawean) from Makan Bagus! at Tampines Round Market.

A lovely savory pastry. Delicious and comforting. Roti Boyan is popular in Singapore amongst Malay. “Boyan” or “Bawean” is an island in Indonesia. And the Baweanese have integrated well into the Malay community. They are very close knit and this is one of their yummiest dishes.

The outside skin is made out of a flour dough, rolled out and filled with a savory filling. Speaking of which, the filling is a mixture of mashed potatoes and eggs. Yup, a double carbo moment. Don’t even think about eating this if you are on a high-protein diet.
Then it is fried in oil and eaten with a sambal (a spicy chilli sauce).

And like The Cure song above, I don’t think I’ve eaten a bad Roti Boyan. This taste good no matter who made it or where I bought it from.

-hazrock, Friday I’m in love!


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2 responses to “Love Song

  1. David

    January 14, 2013 at 8:49 am

    Love love love it!!! And thank you!!!!!

    • hazrock

      January 14, 2013 at 8:50 am

      Thank god! If you don’t I’d be so embarrassed. Lol


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