Great Balls Of Fire

09 Dec

Potato Balls

I always love it when my mom or my aunt who I called Mak Nom, makes Potato Ball Soup. It just feels home-y, especially if eaten during Ramadhan, the Muslim fasting month.

My mom made this today when me and the kids (mine and my nieces) dropped by for a visit.

This is a dish I would not cook anytime soon. It just feels so labour intensive. Potatoes have to be boiled and mashed. Then rolled into balls with a little bit of cooked ground beef as filling. Then coated in egg and breadcrumbs and fried until golden brown.

Tomato-y Beef Soup

And we ate it with this Beef Soup. So flavorful, so comforting.

Condiments (Clockwise from top left : Slivers of cucumber, Chinese parsley, fried shallots and spicy soy sauce)

And finally, ta-daa!


-hazrock, great balls of.. ?

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