Candle In The Wind

12 Nov

Black Forest Cake from Polar Cakes and Puffs

I didn’t make that, but I wish I did. I have baked cakes a few times. But somehow I’m still not that confident to do it. Just so afraid it will go horribly wrong.

My dad is quite sickly now, so my mom hired a an Indonesian domestic helper to help out around the house and to take care of him. We felt so blessed that she is so capable and reliable, works hard and with sincerity.

It was her birthday yesterday, so we thought we have a little celebration and to show how much we appreciate whatever she has done for my parents. Taking care of a sick elderly is quite demanding, so this is just our way to show our appreciation.

My kids and nieces of course jumped at the idea of a birthday party. In fact they are the ones who could not wait to blow the candles!


There’s the birthday girl with the kiddies. But who’s birthday was it? As far as the kids are concerned, any birthday is their birthday. There is no doubt in my mind, that there were more kids’ spittle spewing onto the cake than normal as they were all frantically and with great fervor blew out the candles.

The cake tasted delicious! Yum..!

-hazrock, sweet 16, I wish

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