Spice Girls

09 Nov

Don’t worry. I will not talk about the Spice Girls. Let’s just leave it as that and get on with our lives.

Chicken Briyani at Zafaraan Restaurant

I love restaurants that named themselves after food. I know of places named Blue Ginger, Toast Box and Cili Padi. I once owned a virtual restaurant in the Facebook game, Restaurant City, and I named it The Oregano.

“Zafaraan” is the Arabic word for spice or saffron. I’m not too sure which but either way, it’s wonderful. The restaurant, newly opened near where I work, serves a variety of Indian food.

The Chicken Briyani is fragrant and full of flavor. A little pricey, and not normally what I would pay for an everyday lunch. This will be like a once a while treat. The chicken briyani with rice set is served with a pappadom, a little bit of curry and cucumber raita. I don’t like cucumbers so please don’t make me eat that.

These kinds of dishes are spicy. So when you eat, there will be cardamoms and cloves scattered throughout the rice. I hate it if I accidentally bite into them. They give wonderful flavour and aroma to the dish but taste quite nasty when you eat them.

-hazrock, spice girl


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2 responses to “Spice Girls

  1. David

    November 9, 2012 at 9:16 pm

    :). Sounds so good. Your food always sounds wonderful!

    • hazrock

      November 9, 2012 at 9:20 pm

      Thank you David! Be impressed only when I have learnt to cook this! 🙂


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