Culture Club

07 Nov

“Do you really want to hurt me?
Do you really want to make me cry?”

-Culture Club

This song will always make me giggle, mainly because it was featured in that Adam Sandler movie, The Wedding Singer. There was this Boy George lookalike who sang this song over and over at a wedding. Hilarious!

Yu Tiao or Yu Char Kuay from Dough Culture at Changi City Point

Yu Tiao are Chinese crullers. These are long strips of dough fried in oil. You can say this is like a version of the Mexican churro.

There’s so many ways to eat them. Some eat them as is. Some eat them with black coffee in the morning. Or dip them them in coffee too. You can cut them up in little pieces, pour some spicy shrimp paste sauce over it and topped with chopped peanuts. Yum!

Here’s what I chose to eat Yu Tiao.

Tau Suan with pieces of Yu Tiao, both from Dough Culture.

Tau Suan is a Chinese dessert in a bowl. Made with split mung beans and boiled slowly with sugar and pandan leaves and thickened with potato flour. So yummy and delicious and best eaten hot because the soup gets watery as it cools.

-hazrock, he wore more make-up than I do

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