05 Nov

“If I can’t be my own, I feel better dead”
-Alice In Chains

Make-up, pretty dresses and not a hair out of place are all nice. But who has got the time to be in that get-up everyday? I certainly don’t. I rather dress in flannel and risk looking like a refugee from an Alice In Chains concert than to spend hours a day just to look nice. And I’m not guaranteed that I would look presentable even after all that time spent.
Anyway, RIP Laney Staley, one of the pioneers of grunge.

Trail Mix

What a wonderful snack to munch when you’re bored. Nuts, dried fruits and M&Ms sparingly sprinkled over it.

Someone gave us a bag of mixed nuts and dried fruits once, and I immediately thought, just add a few M&Ms and this would be Trail Mix! And I don’t know why, I like saying Trail Mix. There is a certain rebellion factor to it I think. Just mix everything and you have a snack. Whatever nuts and fruits you want. No rules!

Ok kids! I have a snack for you! Come get it! No prizes for guessing they picked out the M&Ms first. After all the chocolate were gone, then slowly they ate, one by one, the cashews and raisins and dried cranberries and dried figs and all that.

-hazrock, still wondering who is Alice

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