Without You

31 Oct

“Without you in my life
I’d slowly wilt and die
But with you by my side
You’re the reason I’m alive”

-Mötley Crüe

Glam rock… rocks! I don’t know what made us girls go gaga at the sight of men with long hair, make-up, leather jacket, leather boots and oh-so-tight leather pants. Oh well. Whatever floats your boat!
In other news, how does Autocorrect know that Mötley Crüe is spelled with the “ö” and the “ü”??

Something’s missing in these Muffins

How would you respond if you were asked, “Can you make some Blueberry Muffins without the blueberries?” I guess a stunned silence would be appropriate. Or even staring in disbelief at the one who asked. I chose the ever popular “Huh???” topped with a funny look. Not funny haha. Funny weird.

My son, Razin, had requested that I make these Blueberry Muffins. But he just wanted a plain one, without the fruits.

The orange scented muffin batter is truly awesome. Just a little bit of orange zest made a huge difference in taste. Love the smell of it as it baked. I guess that’s what made it a hit with the kids.

Excuse me. How about making some of those supposedly “blueberry muffins” really blueberry muffins? So I took a few and added some blueberries and a light sprinkling of sugar on top of it. Yummeh!

I don’t know why didn’t add more blueberries. The muffins looked a little barren to me. Heh! Oh well. Still yummy!

-hazrock, Dr Feelgood

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