23 Oct

“Like any hot-blooded woman, I am simply wanting an object to crave”
-Alanis Morissette

Oh how I instantly LOVED the angst of Alanis Morissette when I heard her breakthrough single You Oughta Know. That was real girl-power! Alanis writes heartfelt songs, and they make me want to take revenge on those who have hurt me or those who are mean to me. Haha! Nahhh, just kidding!

Scallop and Chicken Teriyaki Bento Set from Banquet at East Point Mall

It was a typical running around at lunchtime to do some personal errands. I was surprised to find that I have some time to have a solitary lunch. Can’t go wrong with a little indulgence of Japanese food. Or so I think.

After I brought a tray of this Bento Set to my table, I sat there with my phone in my hands, ready to snap a picture of it. But I sensed something odd in this. Then it hit me. Ouch! There seemed to be an uninvited dish in this almost perfect meal. Kimchi??? Really? Isn’t that Korean? And wasn’t this supposed to be a Japanese dish? Am I losing it? No? Maybe I should.

Yes. That, on the bottom right hand corner, is kimchi, a Korean pickled vegetable dish. Why would anyone put kimchi in a Japanese dish? And please, don’t give me all that fusion food mumbo-jumbo. I don’t want any intruders in my Bento meal.

Well, I wasn’t about to send the whole thing back and demanded why there was kimchi in it. Instead, I quietly ate my lunch, cleaning everything else on the Bento, leaving the kimchi untouched by my well chewed-on chopsticks.

-hazrock, supposed former infatuation junkie

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