Return To Pride Rock

22 Oct

The Lion King is one of my favourite animated Disney movies, before their collaboration with Pixar. As with all other Disney movies, messages of “good versus evil, and good always prevail” are so evident. And until today, I still feel sad when I watch Mufasa die.

Tuna Pasta Salad

That has got to be my proudest dish. Why? Because I didn’t follow any recipes and followed my gut instincts. Basically, I didn’t want to put mayo in it. So I thought hmmmm, maybe olive oil and lemon would be nice. And a little bit of foraging in the fridge was quite fruitful. Carrots, canned sweet corn kernels, celery, spring onions, cherry tomatoes. Perfect.

The only thing I bought was the canned tuna. I used chunks in brine. And I only cooked the fusilli and the carrots. I prefer my carrots cooked because I’m not a rabbit named Bugs.

Finally, the assembly. Everything got thrown into a big bowl with olive oil, lemon juice, salt and pepper to taste. Then toss and stick a fork in it.

I have also made another version of this for my son, Razin, to eat when he comes back from school the next day. Of course, he wanted mayo in his and requested that I put some lettuce. I was so overjoyed that he wanted to eat his greens! How about some cherry tomatoes, sweetie? Ok, but only a little bit. That’s good enough for me. So proud of you, my boy!

-hazrock, beaming from ear to ear

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