Heaven Isn’t Too Far Away

18 Oct

“If the moon and stars should fall, they’d be easy to replace
I would lift you up to heaven and you would take their place

Oh man! How I love those cheesy metal hair bands from the 80s. I still do actually. And back then, they all used to be on cassette tapes. And when the batteries on my Walkman were low, what did I do the rewind? Stick a pencil into one of the holes and start spinning! Ahh.. Good times.
The lead singer was found dead last year in a hotel room in LA. Sigh, another death of a jaded rockstar..

Banana Bread

The only reason why I have not baked a Banana Bread until today is because I didn’t have a loaf pan. I know, lame excuse. I was almost going to buy one, but didn’t have to because my mom gave me hers, unused. (Earlier post : Score!). So finally today, I get to use it!!

A simple recipe, really. Of course the bananas have to be really ripe, i.e. those that have gone a little bit brown. You wouldn’t want to eat them as is, but they are incredible to bake with.

The batter is quite liquid-y, so most recipes will require you to bake it for about an hour on a relatively low oven. The recipe I followed is just for a basic banana bread. You can add nuts, shredded coconut or even chocolate chips if that makes you happy. Yum!

And when it was out of the oven, I let it cool slightly before slicing it. And I did it justice by spreading a little bit of Honey Butter on them. Heaven isn’t too far away, it’s right in my kitchen!

The kids will have some for breakfast tomorrow. And so will I.

-hazrock, where’s my leather jacket?


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2 responses to “Heaven Isn’t Too Far Away

  1. David

    October 19, 2012 at 6:20 pm

    I like banana bread but your writing always makes the food seem so much better 🙂


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