Faking It

08 Oct

Mesclun Salad with a simple lemon-olive oil vinaigrette, avocado an toasted sunflower seeds

In a feeble attempt to eat healthier, I looked up recipes for salads. There is a staggering number of salad recipes out there, they all looked beautiful and delicious. I didn’t actually stick to one recipe, I mixed and matched the ingredients from a few. I finally settled on this Mesclun Salad combo.

I always try to be honest when I write on my blog. So I don’t see why I should stop now. The truth is, yes I do eat salads. But I always go for one with a little meat in it, like chicken or tuna or other seafood. I am not drawn to salads with only greens in them. I used to think that someone just pluck leaves from trees and grass from the ground in those kinds of salads. And those who eat them are closer to mooing than speaking.

So do I like this salad? Truthfully, I don’t. And I am not a huge fan of avocado, except in guacamole. I was just forcing myself to eat avocados because they are good for us.

-hazrock, keeping it real

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