Roots Bloody Roots

06 Oct

Ahhh seeing metalheads headbanging to Sepultura at Wacken Open Air Music Festival on YouTube makes me want to headbang as well. “ROOTS BLOODY ROOTS! ROOTS BLOODY ROOTS!”, they chanted. Hopefully no dandruff or head lice fall off my head.

“Nasi Rawon” (Rice with Rawon gravy) from Makan Bagus at Tampines Round Market

That is a plate of gorgeous. Nasi Rawon is an Indonesian dish, particularly from the island of Java. Some people say it as “Rawan”, which is not right. It’s “Rawon”, as pronounced by the Javanese.

It felt like I’m going back to my roots when I ate this. I’ve been told that my late paternal great-grandfather was from Java and he had a very Javanese name which I can’t remember. But I have never actually traced back my family line or looked up long lost relatives there. That would be cool though.

So, the Rawon is a black gravy made from spices and the keluak fruit. That gives the gravy it’s deep dark colour and somehow tastes nutty as well.

Served with other dishes. What I’ve chosen are beef rendang, sambal goreng (tofu, tempeh and green beans in a spicy sauce) and a little bit of serunding (grated coconut fried in spices). A really filling Saturday morning brunch which will last me until dinner. If I can wait that long..

-hazrock, the root of all evil (haha)

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