Let ‘Em Eat Cake!

30 Sep

I have 3 kids. And they are grandchildren to 2 sets of doting grandparents. So it is inevitable that whenever one of them has a birthday, celebrations will be on going for 3 days. Once within our family, another with my parents and yet another with my in laws.
That also means, each celebration the birthday child gets a cake. Multiply that by 3 celebrations and multiply that again by 3 kids. So how many cakes do we eat in a year? You do the math.

It has been my daughter’s Qistina birthday all weekend!

We had the Cocoa Castle from Primadeli with my in-laws. Chocolate cake with light fresh cream and cocoa powder on top.


Then we had the Raspberry Cake also from Primadeli with my parents. Vanilla cake with a raspberry filling and fresh fruit on top.
The filling was a little tart and it cut through the rich vanilla cake. I like it but the others commented it was a little sour-ish.

Let’s not forget the Strawberry Cake I made yesterday.


Blow all the candles!


And finally there she is on her brand new bike. Of course, if you know her, everything absolutely has to be pink!


-hazrock, love Cake (the band) too.

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One response to “Let ‘Em Eat Cake!

  1. David

    October 1, 2012 at 12:41 am

    we’re going the distance! lol. andddd eating cake lol


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