Starry Starry Night

24 Sep

Star-shaped Cookies with Icing and Sprinkles

As mentioned in my previous post, I only used half of the dough to make those Linzer Cookies. For the rest, I just made regular cut-out cookies. And I made an icing to decorate the cookies with.

Hey! There she is! My 3-year-old Marissa. I had enlisted her to cut those star-shaped cookies because she had been in a heated sibling argument with her older sister, Qistina,5, about whose turn it was on the iPad.
I don’t get it, Girls! I made a schedule and put a timer on the iPad to ensure you both and your older brother get even usage. And still you guys fight over it? Huh! Kids!
But then it struck me, we were once kids too! I’m sure some of us who have siblings always got into arguments, spats and maybe a fist fight or two with them.

-hazrock, does wrestlemania need rookies?

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