22 Sep

“Goreng Pisang” or Banana Fritters bought from Makan Bagus at Tampines Round Market

A lot of people called these “Goreng Pisang”, including me. That is actually grammatically wrong. In fact, it should be “Pisang Goreng” or Fried Banana. “Goreng Pisang” means “to fry a banana”. That concludes our Malay lesson for today.

Goreng Pisang (grammatically correct or not, I’ll say it how I have been saying since forever) is a classic snack, can be enjoyed any time of the day. Bananas dipped in batter and deep fried until golden brown. The type of bananas used can have a varying effect on the results.
And not only bananas are used in this type of snack. Sweet potatoes, yams and even sukun (breadfruit) are used as well.

This type of Goreng Pisang is the kind I love. Classic and made just the way my late Nenek (granny) used to make. There is a new type of Goreng Pisang sold nowadays with a different type of batter, like the one shown below.

Photo grabbed from Google Search.

The batter is light, flaky and airy, and has a different taste from the classic. I don’t really like this type. I still go for the oldie but goodie.

-hazrock, I’m your Venus

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