Sufferin’ Succotash

19 Sep


Actually the title should be “Thufferin’ Thuccotash“, as said by Sylvester from Looney Tunes. And I think Daffy Duck said it as well. I have always loved saying that line, complete with the lisp and spittle spewing all over the place!

How can I not like Succotash? It has ingredients I love! From what I read, it is supposed to be lima beans, but I can’t find any where I am. Even frozen ones. So I’ll make do with kidney beans, along with sweet corn kernels, cherry tomatoes, a little bit of basil and a dash of chili flakes for an added kick. Yes, it’s healthy but I decided to be a little naughty and added a little bit of butter at the end for extra flavour.
As what I had written on Facebook when I posted this, I’m in love!!

Succotash can be a wonderful side dish, with grilled chicken or fish. But if you’re like me, a bowl of this, as is, will be great as well.

I made quite a huge batch for dinner and there are plenty leftovers. I guess tomorrow’s lunch at work will be a bowl of this, heated in the microwave, maybe a slice of wholemeal bread to go with it. Life is good!

-hazrock, wiping off spittle

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