Bar None

18 Sep

Homemade Granola Bars

I love Granola, no doubt about that. I’ve learned to make my own on my last post : Virtuous Vibes. Yesterday I made Granola Bars which are really good for those “grab and go” breakfasts.

I’ve packed a few for my breakfast today. Here I am sitting in my shuttle bus to work and can’t wait to munch on them. How about just a bite? Sorry, ma’am. No eating on the bus. Ok that was embarrassing.

The transport authority imposed a “No Eating And Drinking” law on public buses and trains here. I think it’s a great idea. The rule is there for a reason and that is to keep buses and trains clean. When people flout the rule, it will result in unsanitary trains and scurrying cockroaches scavenging for food scraps. I had a little one crawling on my bag on the train once. Trust me, that was not pleasant at all.

-hazrock, creepy crawlie

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