Three Is A Magic Number

03 Sep

Ice-Cream Cake from Swensen’s

That cake actually had some adornments on top. Fruits, chocolate curls, and a piece of white chocolate with the word “Swensen’s”. I had forgotten to take a photo of it in all its glory. Oh well…

This cake was for a belated birthday celebration for my Dad. And also to celebrate my Mom and Dad’s wedding anniversary. We were getting bored with the usual cakes, with the usual fillings and frostings. So let’s go for an ice-cream cake, shall we?

I have always loved Swensen’s ice-cream cakes, because they are not really cakes. They are ice-cream with a little bit of cake on top and at the bottom. And in the centre, Neapolitan Ice-Cream! Three layers of ice-cream : strawberry, vanilla, chocolate.

The cake looked huge in the picture. But it was actually not. We always try to buy just enough, with no or barely any leftovers. For this cake, there were NO LEFTOVERS! Yums!!

-hazrock, a three-ring circus

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