Thank You, Teacher!

01 Sep

1st September. Teacher’s Day in Singapore. I would like to take this opportunity to wish all my teacher friends in any part of the world, HAPPY TEACHER’S DAY.

I realized that I have a lot I teacher friends. School teachers (obviously), pre-school teachers, university lecturers, trainers in IT, motivators, personal trainers at the gym, English teachers teaching in Korean school, nursing school, Indonesian school, personal tutors, WOW! I respect the teaching profession. I know it is not easy to teach. My mom was a teacher too, retired now.

A great way to celebrate with our teachers is a get-together. I went to one today. Well, she’s not my teacher. But my husband’s. She taught him when he was in primary school. There we were at her home, and since we are still in “Eid mode”, it became an Eid visiting as well.

Simple and unpretentious, yet delicious homemade spread laid before us.

Fried Beehoon (thin rice noodles), chicken nuggets and chicken wings.

Savory dessert – Talam Lauk (little cakes with mince beef)

Sweet dessert – Marble Pudding and Kuih Koswe (steamed sweet little cakes)

It is so wonderful for them to be able to still keep in touch with each other and their teacher too after all these years.

-hazrock, good student (it’s true!)

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