Walls Of Jericho

30 Aug

Red Lentil Soup

Lentil Soup is popular in the Middle East. When I first tried cooking it last year, I can’t get over the fact how simple the recipe is. I mean, really. Any fool can cook this. But please, fools. Don’t rush in to cook. At least have guidance from someone sensible. We don’t want any kitchen to go up in flames. But I digress..

I used red lentils and cooked them in olive oil, garlic, onions, and a bit of ground cumin and coriander. I can’t remember if i added a bay leaf. Oh well, you can if you want to. Then I poured store bought chicken stock. Vegetable stock can be used to make this dish entirely vegetarian. And let the lentils cook until tender and some disintegrate into the liquid. After that, I used a hand blender and blended the soup right in the pot.

To serve, a ladle-full or two into a bowl, a spritz of lemon juice, a bit of chopped parsley on top. Ahh! Bliss…

I’ve tried getting my kids to eat this. They didn’t like it. But I’m not giving up. I may resort to bribery in the future. Heh!

-hazrock, wallflower

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