Corn Corny Cornier Corniest

29 Aug

Corn On The Cob

There is no denying, I love corn. Whether it is on the cob, kernels as a side dish, pop corn, corn chips, sweet corn ice cream, corn milk, corn soup, cornflkes, I love them all! Wait, did I mention I love corn?

I cooked these corns in a big pot with just a little bit of water and salt. So I’m not really boiling them, I’m steaming them. When they became tender, took them out, drizzled with a bit of melted garlic butter and sprinkled with salt and pepper. Oh my! Yums!

Corns remind me of a Malay movie way back in the 80s. I can’t even remember the title. In it, comedy actor Hamid Gurkha played the role of a street vendor selling steamed corn. He had a little pushcart and on it was written “Hamid The Cornman”. Hahaha!! Cornman?? Or Conman?? So funny!!

-hazrock, corn star

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