25 Aug

Chicken Floss Buns from Swee Heng Bakery

Floss Buns are have been around for a long time. And lately it had be made popular by Bread Talk, a bakery here. Being a Muslim, I can’t eat the ones there because they used pork floss. Then came Swee Heng, a certified Halal bakery, doing a replica of that Bread Talk’s signature floss buns. Swee Heng used chicken floss, original and a spicy version.
These are basically regular buns, dabbed with a little mayonnaise, and piled with a ton of floss on top. Eating it can be a bit messy but I’m not complaining. Yums!

Photo grabbed from Wikipedia

I don’t know how to describe meat floss. I’ll let our dear friend Wiki do it for me. Meat floss is a “dried meat product that has a light and fluffy texture similar to coarse cotton”. I never thought it as cotton. Cotton candy?? Yup, you are right Wiki. Thanks!!
Who would have guess? A savory cotton candy. That’s a nice thought. Hehe!!

-hazrock, out of dental floss

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