No Soup For You!

23 Aug

Velvety Mushroom Stroganoff from The Soup Spoon

Nothing soothes the weary soul like a bowl of soup. Well I was a little tired, but who needs that reason to enjoy soup.

Soups like this remind me of that hilarious “Soup Nazi” episode on Seinfeld, one of my favourite sitcoms of ALL TIME. When I was ordering this, I imagined the soup nazi serving me and I must order properly, according to his rules, or else NO SOUP FOR YOU!!
And I’m told by a Facebook friend from New York, there is actually a soup place like that over there. People lined up to buy the soup!

Anyway, back to the Mushroom Soup. This is sooo delicious. Different types of mushrooms are used and they gave the soup a great texture. I think a few croutons scattered over the top would make this dish absolutely perfect!

-hazrock, bowling for soup

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