A Labour Of Love

19 Aug

“Kek Lapis” at my parents’ place and also at a lot of households this festive season.

“Kek Lapis” or Indonesian “Lapis Legit” is one of the popular Eid goodies here. As the name suggests, “lapis” means layers. Which reminds me of another name for this, Thousand Layer Cake. If there is really a thousand layers, baking it would be a monumental feat!

The cake is quite rich and buttery, and with a hint of spice (cinnamon, cloves, anise I think). A lot of egg yolks are used, and I mean a lot! Like 20 or so! I guess that’s what gives it the richness.

To bake this cake requires patience and endurance because it will take a huge chunk of your time. Be prepared to spend about 2 hours just baking it. And you literally have to babysit this in front of the oven and bake it layer by layer.

I personally don’t think I have the patience for this. And I don’t want to get a tan by sitting face to face with the oven. I will just buy it or go visiting this festive season. I’m sure most of my relatives’ houses serve this for Eid.

-hazrock, all we need is just a little patience

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